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Posted:8/23/2011 9:32:24 AM
 Monica, thank you for sharing your story :)

Posted:8/23/2011 9:12:00 AM
 My advice would be: dont go hunting at all if you dont really need too. Too many people, specially young ones, have started posting and trying to do it themselves. And dont get me wrong, I really enjoy every episode of Supernatural, but that is a tv show and trust me on this, if you dont have a huuuge base of knowledge on true nature of the entities you are gonna get involved with you are [email protected] If you really have a problem with possesions, hauntings and such, get proffesional help. Even calling a priest will be way better than trying it yourself. Also, it would be better that if anyone gets hurt it is the priest, and not you. So, detecting a problem is all you can do, leave solving to those that know what the [email protected] they are doing. 

Posted:8/23/2011 8:51:13 AM
 Kthulu xD