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Posted:1/17/2013 1:25:00 PM
Thanks!! I just looked it up-Her sketch has some definate differences although the back line looks right. Sketch differences are: Flat short face, from the SW images the face would end at the eyes and drop down flat, no snout, flat nose. Heavier bear-like body, thick fur, short thick legs, obvious long claws, no tail. Looks much more like a bear than a canine, although what she's describing behavior wise is unlike any bear I've dealt with. I've been in the area alot and never seen anything, I have heard of a few black bears in the area but never seen any sign.

Posted:1/16/2013 5:31:07 PM
Hey Everyone,
New member here, and I've got a question for anyone familiar with the Cedar City Utah area. I'm researching a possible case involving a creature seen in the area by a friend. She's seen two, both around 4 feet tall on four legs but near 7 feet tall on two, moves fast down but not sure if it can move on two legs or not (upright, of course). One had long black hair, the other a brownish, long claws, yellow eyes, pointed ears like a cropped Doberman, short flat face with a flat nose, no tail, and both creatures have acted like watchers. One unproven incident of a log toss at an ATV that surprised it but it's not confirmed. It's been seen by her while remote camping and by a friend who was with her although I haven't confirmed the friend's story. The creatures are seen but from a little distance and seem to be very interested in watching the camp and people but have not interacted or approached to my knowledge. I do believe she knows what a black bear is and that they come in brown, and although the sketch does look a little bearish I'm reasonably sure it's not. Anyone know of anything in this area or heard of something similar? My concern is that she's been dabbling in the occult and asking to see things, without any guide. Any ideas?