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Posted:1/24/2013 2:51:32 PM
I seen two when i was eight years old, they were there to hurt me in some sort of way or take me away, i couldnt cry move or even piss myself i was so terrified of them. Thats when a female of some sort a little on the heavy side sat down at the end of the couch where i had been laying. She then touched my leg where my dog was at the time she growled and then simmmered down so i knew she wasnt a threat, she then spoke to me and told me everything will be ok and like telepathicallly i heard a screetch in my mind and the shadow people dissapeared and the spot on the couch slowly went back to normal i never got to see her but those shadows will always haunt me, after that i started to have sleep paralysis.

Posted:1/24/2013 1:45:29 PM
thats a ship i believe. An 'ark' some people would say.

Posted:1/24/2013 1:24:12 PM
my Mother has this problem, you may just have to much energy and you cant control in inside your body and it leaks out and shorts the lights around you. OR it could be something warning you or just trying to get your attention. I hope its the first one.

Posted:1/24/2013 1:02:43 PM
bug people? you're all blind -.- you are just as wrong as the ones you point fingers at, the human race is like a bunch of adopted children being passed from one parent to another and being treating like nothing but an ant farm for you guys to study. Is there likea huge CPS or something because you guys are doing a horrible job... -.-

Posted:1/22/2013 5:20:20 PM
 in our government resides aliens, many species that are trying to get ahead of each other just as we do, they will use, decieve and direct you towards something  right or wrong, you see what they let you, our body has lie detectors in it and the ability to sense danger. Trust that part of you and nothing else, HELP can be very cmpicated and for many things they do help us but for their own good as a growing species ( not saying all of them think or believe this way) just as humans can be judged other species are judged. Its up to you as the person to determine where your loyaly is.