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Posted:4/30/2013 2:29:09 AM
Well said. It is a slow process - I think more and more people are becoming less and less interested in material things. and with global warming upon us we might be "urged" to be less consumers and more nature oriented. more spiritual

Posted:4/30/2013 2:25:49 AM
Well, that can only be Atlantis rising again now that the New Age has begun. It has a geo-logic basis, but of course, the currents of the oceans change as the Planet lines up with the Galactic Center.  I was just reading about new discoveries about Atlantis and the South American ancient peoples - I will try to find the link.

Posted:4/30/2013 2:14:44 AM
it was your MIND... as in MIIIIIIIINNNND that changed the TV to static. Movies have a powerful effect on us. In your sleep it was replaying... YOU did it.

Posted:4/30/2013 2:11:11 AM
Well I can "relate" to you and your ghost, and it might actually be helpful to have read it. Maybe I should change my attitude... but my ghost keeps waking me up at night, but only when I sleep in my bed. It is as if the ghost wants me to be awake during "the witching hours" - I can sleep in that bed after 6 am.

I had to start sleeping in my recliner in the front room. Seriously!! I became so sleep deprived I almost went crazy.

What happens is that I go to bed, fall asleep, and then a weird dream becomes real life and I hear noises - tap running, something dragging across the carpet, people talking, breathing sounds - and I sit up in bed a LOOK... but see nothing, I still HEAR the sounds, I am AWAKE...

So I don't know. A Ghost, weird dreams, hypnogogic hallucinations... But I concluded that the ghost tunes my brain into "the other side" - parallel worlds, chanelling, alternate reality, ether world - and these dreams, oh my god you NEVER dreamed of these things, really, wtf really, sometime I will post them...but the ghost gets me there just by being with me late at night.

Posted:10/30/2012 8:46:09 AM
I could put this in "Visions", but it is a vision of a PORTAL, so it belongs here I think.
I could also explain more about my state of my last spring, but maybe later... for now, I will just say this was a VISION, it hit me, I didn't bring it on or think it up... and then I wrote it down. This is from those notes from last spring:

"The Portal" - a "Vision" I experienced on May 31, 2012:

At first I am in a dark, featureless place, except for one point of dim light. I move towards it, just close enough to get a better look.

I see a portal, it is like a tunnel... the other side cannot be seen, but somehow I know it leads somewhere, to another dimension, where humans who have died can go... but they [we] don't ALL go there... it is like a choice [but I have no evidence of any other portals].

We are conscious beings, we can choose to go or not. All around in this darkness are "ghosts" - people who died and are "in between", like lost spirits, not sure if it is right for them to go into the portal.

The portal, the tunnel, has a yellow and purple glow to it, but just on the inside edges, but the center of it is dark, as if I am too far away from the light source, and because the tunnel is not perfectly straight, as if it is "floating", slowly bending this way and that.

The light is dim, like the light is being reflected on the inside edge of the portal, and not white light, the yellow and purple shades change slowly, gradually, they ebb and flow and mix together, very subtle. They purple becomes black sometimes. The outside of the portal is not visible at all from the side view, it just seems like part of this vast darkness I found myself in.

But somehow I know it leads to somewhere "heavenly", but it is not heaven, if there even is a heaven, it is more like another dimension.

These "undecided spirits" - I am not like them - seem to know it may not be right for them to go through. It is a good place to be, but only for the right kind of spirit, only for those who are "pure enough". If we ["they", no me, but us when we die] have not lived our lives in a good way, if we have hurt people, been greedy, followed our primitive instincts, then we are carrying too much "negative energy" and it won't be good for us over there, and it won't be good for "that place" either.

I get the idea that these spirits are saying that they can redeem themselves over time, and become carriers of positive energy, and be ready for "over there" somehow. They are not sure how to do that though.

I don't know if I am thinking those things, putting my own thoughts into my head, making up a "morality story", or if I am getting these ideas from the spirits, or maybe from the portal... it seems it is just "knowledge floating around there" and if I let my mind be blank, like in meditation, then I "know".

Eventually I begin to drift away again, and found myself standing in the same spot where I was when the vision started.