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Forum: Grey Dream

Posted:3/2/2013 11:07:04 PM
The part in the dream about the buzzing reminds of a dream I had but at the time I thought it was speech that was going at a speed I couldn't understand.(but if I was to describe the sound of the voice it would've been a buzz) I remember not being able to move a muscle and it was staring at me making the noise. Whatever it was it looked like it tried to appear human but it's seemed badly burned around the face(I was not able to look away from it either so I'm unsure if it had a body). Then I remembered something I read about confidence being a defense against an attack on the mind(I thought this was a useless piece of information when i read it), I was slowly able to regain movement and speech so I yelled at it a lot and then woke up. It's the noise that the thing was making at me that was very unique so it was very hard to explain when i tried to talk to people about the dream. I don't know just the buzzing the way you described it was very similar to it's noise. (Off topic:My first post on a forum ever)