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Forum: Martyrdom?

Posted:4/18/2016 2:12:21 AM
Greetings Jeff, and if applicable, anyone else from "back in the day" when I posted frequently (under this name and mainly 2 others) on a very different, more chaotic free-for-all version of this site (!). I've been posting mainly on ATS (abovetopsecret.com) using the name Lightworth (and another one) for almost a decade. This is my latest thread OP:

There really is no verbal expression, no measurable quantifier of repugnance for religiously-justified violence, whether or not there have ever been those entirely secular controlling however much of it (but that's a whole other discussion). Said violence should be considered close enough to equally as vile and utterly unacceptable to moral and reasonable enough people as, say, the pedophilic crimes within the Catholic clergy; there's no major difference in the level of perversion, abomination. Or, obviously, the murderous crimes are worse than the pederast priests, but the appropriately visceral-emotional revulsion that cannot be expressed in mere words is sorely lacking to understate it. Sure, there are far more than abundant reactions of entirely predictable hatred and fear to terrorism, but the total creep-out or heebie-jeebies factor is effectively nonexistent.

What bigger example of entirely harmful ignorance is there in the universe than that which commits homicidal-genocidal acts in the name of an alleged Supreme Being whom there is nothing resembling compelling evidence, let alone full-fledged proof, exists? I will go perhaps out a limb and guarantee that various unexplained phenomena can be explained in scientific-rational enough terms of ETs/nonhumans instead of the very limited-exclusive, strictly proprietary beings (characters) of the ancient stories of goat herders, and whatever derivatives of those stories that most unfortunately became religions. I'd gladly wager in the biggest (whether or not it can ever be proved) that the universe or multiverse is inexpressibly more pluralistic and complex than that primitive monotheistic nonsense.

Where are the truth warriors, the ones like me who are willing to give it ALL for THE one and only highest calling? It is we and ONLY we who have enough honesty and humility to be deserving of real power and greatness. We DESIRE actual, objective knowledge, not claim to have it via mere belief/blind faith alone, which is simply psychotic, however globally unrecognized. The solution will never be in elevating or at least ENABLING one religion over another or religions in general; we need a whole new paradigm of thoughts and actions. We need to act in both ecological and sociological imperatives.

There's more toxicity from the Fukushima tsunami-meltdown than governments-media admit or even so much as mention. In the least there's enough damage already for REAL ecological concern, having properly mandatory publicity. The mistaken focus on climate change is, intentionally and/or not, a mere distraction from the far greater issue of overall toxicity and depletion/extinction. Consider this my most formal endorsement of the release of any and all hidden knowledge/truth that will result in the implementation of whatever advanced sciences that fight toxic degradation and promote all types of regeneration, which obviously would include Contact with intelligent nonhumans if applicable.

This isn't about being a "Chicken Little," not referring to any imminent danger, or as far as I can tell; it's just the basics of smart ecological policy. What better direction away from the endless loop of terroristic Hell and much other evil is there than a new and truly serious focus on environmental protection, preservation? If we can at long last have the right moral and intellectual stuff to get our most literally "down to Earth" act together, it's a cinch that at least enough of our social problems will be solved with the same basic higher energy.

Martyrdom, if truly necessary, is something one should never commit to altogether willingly or naturally, and there's no such thing as fearlessness. Provided there's an intelligent and moral enough cause (what a concept), giving ones life for/to it should be a truly last resort. Any worthwhile martyr is one who is at least minimally sufficiently in touch with life, love, laughter, joy, empathy etc. and balances out (at least) well enough on the "do unto others..." scale, the opposite of the pathological mind of a violently religious zealot (for example).

Unless proved otherwise, I'll always be convinced the ideal and hopefully only way to get the seriously revolutionary-evolutionary "show on the road" -- with and/or without martyrs -- is to create a much more strongly popular culture of whistleblowers, exposers of criminality and corruption, however unrecognized -- stuff that will make Edward Snowden look like a mere warm-up act. Of course I believe there should be particular emphasis on unexplained phenomena...

Posted:12/4/2013 8:13:56 AM
Was the original slavery-based, subservient concept of a "god," and later "God," a mere honest misinterpretation of ETs (and/or whomever else of the intelligently unseen), or was it intentional (by definition) disinformation, lies, and if the latter, did it originate from whichever Unrevealed Beings themselves, or from whatever political-terrestrial corrupt assholes who constituted the power structure(s) "back in the day?" That's the all time biggest and most important question, however possibly editorialized to my point of view.

Posted:4/28/2012 10:37:36 AM
Actually the essential truth of the 1947 NS Act/State remains, and religious fanaticism in general, in that 9/11 was clearly (to me) primarily a pan-Abrahamic act of desperation on the order of providing a big enough distraction that would preserve the (particularly Abrahamic) BELIEF system(s) regardless of objective facts at all costs - blatantly psychopathic-sociopathic.

Posted:10/29/2011 6:12:52 PM
Pretty obvious with the, um, VERY high level of bloodthirsty redneck (and whatever other) barbarians on this rock that no intelligent enough nohumans or ETs will ever bother with introducing themselves here, though I hope I'd be wrong.  If so, they'd seemingly have to deploy some kind of mega-weapon(s) that would eliminate particularly the pathocrats - especially all the ultra-secretive Black Ops-Spookocracy types - and enough other hyper-pathological vampires and maniacs here.  And that's not saying ALL, if really any, of the unknown beings are cuddly-cute little angels who can teach us how to create clean energy from cow piss or whatever.  There's just no reason to assume nonhuman AUTOMATICALLY means evil.  Can you say Salem "witch" trials?  Pitch forks?  Torches?  Brilliant indeed.  (gags and barfs) 

Posted:10/30/2010 10:46:52 AM
This post is actually an opener to a "thread" (with no replies, at least as yet) of its own on a couple other sites, so I apologize, if necessary, for its length.  Am hoping it's appropriate enough for this thread.  Its title is, or would be (on this site), WHY I DOUBT THE GRADUAL PREPARATION THEORY.I want Disclosure - which is only the precursor to the much bigger and more important Contact - as much as anyone who most desires it, but am unable to outright believe the fairly widely-held notion that there has been, for the past, say, 50 to 60 years (or however long), a secret program or policy among the PTB to gradually prepare the public for the eventual Disclosure of and (presumably) Contact with an advanced, presumably extraterrestrial civilization. (Advanced means morally-ethically and spiritually, obviously not just technologically). This is basically because there is a simply TOO inexpressably powerful base, or prevailing mentality, of ignorance, arrogance and apathy. The dominant culture of Earth humans is interested only in maintaining BELIEFS - blind faith, be it religious and/or political - with no DESIRE for greater knowledge and abilities. Religion, not to be confused with spirituality, worldwide is clearly GROWING, not diminishing. It can be argued, and quite correctly, as I see it, that this "civilization" is even MORE strongly entrenched in the anthropocentric universe model today than in Galileo's time (roughly 400 years ago). Back then it was only religion that kept them backward, isolated, in the dark, but TODAY we have the double whammy of religion AND the monolithic de facto religion of secrecy-BASED government(s), the latter of which virtually NO ONE is able to properly criticize and undermine. Oh sure, there are plenty of ranters who go on and on about such ill-defined, unclear entities as the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, CFR, other secrect societies and groups, and of course that ever-specific (*sarcasm*) force referred to as the NWO, but effectively NO ONE can attack the most tangible, concrete, REAL stuff of which the SYSTEM of government is made. In the US, which is currently the world's only "superpower" (de facto empire), that's the National "Security" STATE, with all its alphabet soup agencies, and Black Budget - the entire SYSTEM that is the military-secrecy complex (not JUST military-industrial complex). To move on to the next level of knowledge-consciousness primarily requires enough of a very clear and unequivocal rejection of government as we know it PERIOD, and that's very far from anywhere to be found. OR, if there really HAS been a clandestine acclimation-to-ET program, it would seemingly HAVE to be something intended simply to absorb the shock as much as POSSIBLE. Certainly anyone with enough common sense who's (by definition) sufficiently in touch with reality can see that. Such an acclimation is or would be the equivalent of sandbagging around one's house before the flood hits, but the house gets heavily damaged anyway... And PERHAPS they're only preparing us for an invasion of plainly, or at least primarily, malevolent beings in the first place. It seems pretty clear that most people don't have a problem knowing they're not ALONE in the universe; it's the confirmation of not being the CENTER of the universe that's the real cause of the fear/anxiety. That goes for not only the more obvious religious - particularly Abrahamic - nuts, but for a HUGE population of those who would stomp and scream and "stab and shoot and spit" their mere meaningless words to the contrary. "Actions speak louder than words" is the biggest understatement of all time. Actions, including inactions, are effectively ALL that speak PERIOD. One's willing enough (by definition) support of secrecy-BASED government shows a (plainly irrational) need to believe one's "civilization" is at least effectively the center of the universe. It's nothing more than a primitive, pathetic ego trip. The overall or global macro-conspiracy is, primarily, however unconsciously or unintentionally (or not), WITHIN most of the common people, and NOT hapless victimization by the PTB or whatever outside force. Wake up and FOCUS on the heart of the matter: the need for SYSTEMIC change! Too many are too addicted to all talk and no action, and I see nothing that will ever impede that, therefore, apparently, no real progress like Disclosure-Contact will ever happen. I hope I'm wrong. Remember the "Prime Directive," or whatever the real deal is actually called. No silver platters will be handed to ANYONE. No magical Superman will ever come a-soaring down to Earth, cape a-flappin', to save the day. There's no evidence, nothing vaguely resembling evidence, that any real breakthrough, real change, real progress will happen through any governmental or other outside action, so that leaves only popular action. Forgive me if this issue somehow turns out to be a case of accomplishment through passivity and ignorance (???), and I'm just unable to recognize it. Happy Hollow-weiner!  :o)

Posted:3/21/2010 10:08:14 AM
If I understand correctly, according to the Bible, there were the "sons of God" who mated with the "daughters of man" and produced the giants who were the Nephilim or "fallen ones."  First, how can there be a species of exclusively MALES?  Wouldn't they be necessarily asexual or homosexual if they were ALL one gender, IF they really existed?  Sounds more like the same old fear and ego-driven, anthropocentric universe model.  Evil aliens went and screwed up the oh-so-superior humans (wink wink, nudge nudge).  I think the human race need only concern itself with itself, to the extent anyone on this planet is Fallen, and it has nothing to do with the Garden of Eden mumbo-jumbo.  Or that's my .02, whatever it's actually worth.

Posted:4/25/2009 5:43:33 PM
Wow, not sure if this will post on the home page, but this article was my first PN post (under my real name) on 10/31/01. Not only was my style extremely amatuerish, it was from the quite mistaken viewpoint of believing the sole perps of 9/11 were Arab fanatics. Ah, such innocence. Was just checking out the beginning of my Internet presence. Toodles and cheers. http://lightworth.blogspot.com

Posted:2/20/2009 10:56:43 PM
Of course that's vaporize any PEOPLE only when necessary. Again a great article, Doug. You've inspired me to make public the first amazing dream of my adult life, which happened almost exactly 21 years ago when I briefly lived in Santa Monica (CA). (I'm 43). In the dream I was looking at what I've always called the birth of the moon. It was a white ball in the night sky with red and blue (and possibly other colors) streaks of electricity/lightning emitting from it or coursing around it! Then the vision blurred. When it came into focus it was the moon we know. A couple or few weeks after that dream I read (Strieber's) COMMUNION and remembered my 2 childhood experiences that were very apparently close encounters (of the 4th kind).

Posted:2/20/2009 10:16:47 PM
I've never seen any good reason to believe the meek can't inherit both Earth and, at least enough so, the cosmos. Or if there are "elite" sociopathic vermin planning an escape from Earth without answering for their crimes, one can only hope there's a higher power that will vaporize their ships and selves... Yes, there is a secret space program of (military) Earthlings.

Posted:1/29/2009 9:01:27 PM
How arrogant can one be to think there couldn't have been an advanced enough race (or whatever society of beings) discover Earth 10,000 or more years ago that would have taken advantage of our planet's abundant resources, especially back when there wasn't as much desert terrain as now?