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Posted:12/9/2011 11:28:44 PM
(Playing Devil's Advocate here) Interestingly, a number of serious occultist have recommended undergoing Psychotherapy before taking up occultism. As I understand it, their thoughts on this idea were that before you start playing around with (possibly) buried parts of the psyche you should have a good grasp on the more accessible parts.

Edit: This was supposed to be a reply to gary107's post on 11/22/2011. Somehow, it didn't end up there.

Posted:12/3/2011 7:49:28 PM
Well, having some knowledge of electronics and faraday cages, I have a major problem with the run-of-the-mill tinfoil hat. I've seen some studies done on them, and in some cases (depending on design and frequency) they can actually amplify the signals presented to them. I believe the major problem is that, unlike a true faraday cage, they are not grounded. I think to be useful, they would have to have a wire attached that hangs to the ground. This would also depend on the surface that wire was making contact with. The ground could also be run through the clothing and attached to a shoe with a metal plate on the bottom to complete the ground. Without a ground, the enclosure (hat) would be just as likely to bounce the signal around inside it as to short it out.

Posted:11/2/2011 8:15:01 PM
Glad to hear that you're back and doing better

Posted:5/12/2011 6:37:46 PM

Posted:7/28/2010 12:15:30 AM
Egregore isn't a bad summation of the idea, but I believe the OP was speaking more along the lines of what the Tibetan's call 'tulpas' 

Posted:7/22/2010 6:48:53 PM
Celebration started... lol

Posted:5/13/2010 9:22:59 PM
Yeah, funny until they come down here and kick our b>>ts. 
Forum: Hunters?

Posted:3/19/2010 8:50:13 PM
I'll probably have people disagree with me here, but titanium seems to work fairly well.  You can get (at least) titanium knives if you look around (a bit expensive though).  Don't know why, but my guess is that titanium (like silver) has some antibiotic qualities.

Posted:3/15/2010 10:20:16 PM
Try Grainger, or electronics stores.  These places sometimes carry them.