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Posted:6/16/2012 7:07:09 PM
i agree there is too much hype and media crap. For me however, I had the number 2012 in red flashing lights in my head since i was a kid. It caused me to look it up when I got my first computer at 17. There was only 1 site for it at the time. It tripped me out. Since then I was ridiculed if I brought it up. No one knew or cared. So I stopped trying to share it. Then I start hearing it outside my head. More and more and more. I had people saying "do you know about the Mayan prophecy?" I just smiled. I can share now. And I can help people from freakin' out. Many go to extremes out of fear. Its new to them. Im glad I went through that already. I don't know what it is, but its already here. Either way... Lets have some fuckin' fun.

Posted:6/16/2012 4:12:20 PM
Ha Ha! Its about time he got his. He has barred so many scholars from any field research of HIS Egypt for so many years. Archaeologists, geologists etc. have already proven that Egypt is MUCH older. Never allowing the possibility of advancing our knowledge on such a vast subject. If anyone made a discovery, he would always swoop in just as its unvieling took place and was being filmed. Making it appear as if he did the work. He is a profound jerk to keep Egypt from us this long and I hope he can wonder how and who built his cell.

Posted:6/16/2012 2:57:19 AM
In know how you feel. Ive been saying things for years. knowing something is coming. And even now that it feels right on top of us, they still dont want to hear it. I think they are afraid like we all are, perhaps we deal with it differently. We cant ignore it. Want to discuss it. We are probably more prepared for it since we do have a natural interest. We know more by just letting it in. THATS why you feel crazy. It takes courage to open that door and do it solo. We are in something big here. Its already begun. So the only way of doing anything about it is by putting out good energy and smile and laugh and love. And if you can be in that state of mind, youll be open to see what else you can do. We are powerful creatures. And you ARE NOT ALONE. We are all in this together..