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Posted:10/31/2010 1:42:11 AM
I'm sure it's a logical explination for what was seen on the Chaplin film. It's just one of those oddities that doesn't make since. Yes it does look exactly like someone talking on a cell phone but there's a thousand different things a person could be doing that would look as if they are talking on a cell phone.

Posted:10/31/2010 12:13:22 AM
I've read just about everything there is over the past year about the B.E.K. and even posted something about it on this forum/website about 2 months ago and never have I seen a report saying to pray before reading. The report you're refering to is what is the first known encounter by a reporter by the name of Brian Bethel. I'll post the link below so whoever wants to read can. I think his was a VERY real encounter but then like everything else go blown outa' proportion as soon as the news hit the internet, now you gotta kinda' sort through all the B.S. to find the truth on the matter.Another report that was even creepier than Bethel's was about this young women from Kansas that came home from hanging out with a friend somewhat late one night and 2 of the BEK's was standing in her driveway. Notice om every report they always "need permision to enter" and always the witness claims to experience that "flight or fight" feeling. Here's Brian Bethel's initial report.http://www.paramyst.com/blackeyedkids.html

Posted:9/16/2010 8:13:24 AM
A Tibetan Buddist, physic, PROPHET, and medium. All at the young age of 30 huh......  I think Mr. John Pineal is a little overwhelmed by his own imagination. With the type of ego that Vladimir Putin has, if he had a bomb(s) that was powerful enough to set off a chain reaction of volcano's, earthquakes, and tidal waves of epic proportion he would've already be on every Russian and national news station bragging about it by now.

Posted:9/14/2010 10:52:59 AM
I read an article about this recently and it's really peaked my interest. The first report of this happened in 1998 to a reporter named Brian Bethel and it sounds legit. Since, there's been a handful of other reports that's surfaced; some sound sencere while others could be due to internet hysteria.All reports have a few things in common. And that is: 1. Almost all cases report a pair of kids. 2. A dread sense of fear, life or death (fight or flight syndrome) 3. one kid does the talking while the other stands behind and says nothing at all. 4. they always ask permission to come inside the witness' house or vehicle. The kid clearly states, more than once, that they cannot enter unless invited. 5. bad personal hygene. and 6. the coal, black eyes.The ages usually vary between as young as 7 or 8 but never older than 19 or 20. Below I posted a link to Brian Bethel's report of first seeing the 2 black eyed kids. Was hoping to get some feedback from you guys. Thanks for reading.http://web.archive.org/web/20050213181819/http://www.pinn.net/~royaloak/Stories/black_eyed.htm