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Posted:9/28/2014 2:17:57 PM
 Says he took the pictures and video with a tablet. They seem pretty clear for tablet camera

Posted:1/16/2014 12:07:21 AM
Ill check it out and check back with hopefully more insight.

Posted:1/16/2014 12:03:37 AM
Interesting. Looks like space ice crystals however.

Posted:1/15/2014 11:56:41 PM
Where is this article cause, although interesting, this is this first I have heard of it?

Posted:6/5/2013 6:40:41 PM
Interesting, is there any evidence to provide validity to him asking to realese this information?

Posted:6/5/2013 11:43:27 AM
That would make sense. The video just seems like they are bringing alot of attention to something

Posted:6/4/2013 9:13:58 AM
Yeah I just found it odd they were transporting this thing with full police escort lights and choppers. Maybe it was something they didn't want to destroy and wanted to study instead

Posted:6/3/2013 3:39:50 PM
So I came across two particularly interesting videos and would like to know everyone thinks. Maybe you have seen them already, but if whether you did or not I would love to hear everyone's personal opinions.


This video is a couple of years old but somehow I just stumbled upon it. It depicts a police escort with helicopters. It is believed by many that they are escorting/transporting something ufo/non-terrestrial related. Now in my line of business over the years I have been part of many escorts of hazardous materials. I have also done research and found it uncommon for police to have sirens and helicopters for hazardous material, while it is common to transport these materials at night. Let me know what you think.


Found this equally interesting. This guy claims to have hacked pentagon/nasa/navy computers and supposedly found evidence/proof of alien crafts, as well as a list identifying non-terrestrial high ranking officials in our military/ government. One this is for sure, the government really does want this guy extradited to the United States. What do you think?

Here is another video in regards to the same matter.


curious to here what everyone has to say.

Posted:3/28/2013 10:19:14 PM
Some have speculated masonic/templar involvement and that maybe it even holds the secrets to the Holy Grail, or the even proof of extraterrestrial life. Either way, will we ever find out. They call it the money pit for a reason.

Posted:9/9/2012 2:00:35 PM
I appreciate everyones opionions, will comment again soon.