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Posted:8/30/2011 2:44:24 AM
I agree with monica1968 as it being training for a bigger event. I live here in MD on the East Coast. CNN, NBC, ABC and many others made this hurricane out to be something enormous and distructive. Yes, some did a good amount of flooding on the coast, and some trees were knocked over. What I don't get is... Katrina... now that was a devastating desctructive history making hurricane. This.. Hurricane Irene.. was not a destructive doomsday hurricane. Many evacuated after watching the news channels that threw up so much fear to be swallowed. Hurricane Irene, knocked some trees over and coastal low flooding, Vermont got a good amount of flooding, but it DID NOT make history books folks. When Obama said History making Hurricane... it was spread like wildfire over the media, and it got people scared and they ran. This was done on purpose, and also...I see HAARP's involvement which I am only beginning to understand. What I know is HAARP was involved and where they were involved before ... there was great distruction, but now... now this was a bit weak for HAARP, but they were there. Add this lil fact to the news of most of East Coast USA evacuating and media fear feeding...  it stinks of a training exercise for something bigger. But then again... I could be wrong.. they could have just been overly prepared for the worst (though we must be lucky compared to those who got hit by tornadoes in centeral states, earthquakes, and some of the more intense storms like Katrina. My family and I called BS... prepared ourselves for a power outage.. and possible flooding. We had very little flooding (gone within a hours of the end storm) in the area and the power was out for less than 24 hours. Stores sold out of supplies and gas. To think as well, that this last weekend during the hurricane ...the states made lots of $$$ off the fear of others. We follow when we are told, we fear when we are told, and to ask questions is to doom one the name of insane.