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Posted:1/25/2015 8:42:18 AM
A paranormal probe has been launched in the Midlands following FOUR sightings of slender men – long, stick thin spectres feared around the world. Each of the chilling close encounters took place in the Cannock area, and now X Files investigator Lee Brickley is trying to fathom why the ghoul has descended on the Staffordshire mining town. Slender men have been a part of global folklore for centuries. They may be known by different names, but their harrowing, elongated appearance remains the same around the world.............

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Posted:1/25/2015 8:41:29 AM
A paranormal probe has been launched in the Midlands following FOUR sightings of slender men – long, stick thin spectres feared around the world. Each of the chilling close encounters took place in the Cannock area, and now X Files investigator Lee Brickley is trying to fathom why the ghoul has descended on the Staffordshire mining town. Slender men have been a part of global folklore for centuries. They may be known by different names, but their harrowing, elongated appearance remains the same around the world.............

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Posted:6/11/2014 8:09:24 PM
A Cannock Chase resident has recently been in touch after viewing an image of her home on Google Street View. What started out as a harmless bit of fun soon turned into understandable fear when she noticed what seems to be a topless male apparition in her bedroom window. Zooming in to take a closer look, we see the ghostly figure also has a face and appears to be looking directly at the camera.

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Posted:8/4/2013 9:14:45 PM
The eugenics movement had gained momentum in the early 19th century. It was based on the belief that if human breeding is controlled and only the best genes are allowed to reproduce, the human race can have superior species, according to PBS. "It was presented as mathematical science." It looks like inspired by this mathematical science, the scientists allegedly kidnapped a woman and hypnotised her. They then impregnated her with an artificially created human-pig DNA seed. According to Cryptozoology.com, they were looking for the birth of a creature on which they could conduct their tests. The baby born after a delayed pregnancy had a huge head and snout, which was eerily similar to that of a pig. One fine day, the Pig-Man escaped and made woods his place of residence. Over the decades, there have been reports of his sighting - "a strange tall man with a swine face roaming around the Casnnock Chase woods." "Witnesses recall a human body in tattered clothes, a distorted face, an unmistakable snout and

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Posted:8/4/2013 9:11:26 PM
When most people hear the words “paranormal portal” images of Point Pleasant in West Virginia or Sedona in Arizona undoubtedly spring to mind, but did you know these supernatural vortex areas also exist in good Old Blighty? Well they do, and Cannock Chase in Staffordshire is one of the most active “portal” areas in the entire country, home to many ghastly ghouls and devilish monsters. With strange sightings galore, this weird forest seems to hold numerous seriously dark and disturbing secrets, particularly relating to the origin of a creature known locally as The Pig-Man. A terrifying rhyme exists in the area, recited by many residents, young and old, that goes: “When night falls, enter the woods at your peril For inside, lurks something worse than the devil Avoid at all costs, the gathering place Where at midnight, the pig-man roams on Cannock Chase” Full Article Here: http://www.spookyisles.com/2013/07/the-pig-man-roams-cannock-chase/ (copy and paste into browser)

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Posted:8/4/2013 9:09:01 PM
Search for “Cannock Chase” on the internet and you will come across a wealth of articles and websites referring to the area as one of England's top paranormal/UFO hotspots – a strangely alluring and ultimately warranted title. For generations this forest in Staffordshire has been home to the highest concentration of odd reports in the entire country, from aliens and werewolves to big cats and ghostly apparitions, Cannock Chase is known by enthusiasts and researchers across the globe for them all, but the most diabolical and peculiar creature to inhabit this mysterious woodland has to be the half human / half pig beast, known locally as “The Pig-Man”. The story of the Cannock Chase Pig-Man has deep origins dated back around 70 years to wartime England when the region was occupied by the British army who constructed two huge training camps in the forest. These camps, located at Rugeley and Brocton were some of the largest around, interestingly it is estimated that well over half a million troops passed throu

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Posted:8/4/2013 5:46:07 PM
A Cannock Chase resident took this photograph during a particularly bad downpour. She claimed the creature fell out of the sky and landed in her garden. Not recognizing the species, and perplexed by the origin of this alien-looking beast, I was contacted............

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Posted:7/26/2013 6:05:37 AM
Deep in the woods of Cannock Chase, England, where sunlight doesn't venture and animals don't frolic, there is one creature that roams: The Pig-Man. In a town also known for its frequent werewolf sightings, Cannock Chase has a long history of eerie happenings, according to the BBC. As early as the 1940s, the Pig-Man -- a half-human, half-swine, and full terror of a creature -- has allegedly been seen by those brave (or perhaps dumb) enough to venture into the woods. Witnesses recall a human body in tattered clothes, a distorted face, an unmistakable snout and the shrill squealing of the Pig-Man heard miles away. And now one man has reportedly solved the mystery of the nightmarish Pig-Man. Lee Brickley has spent over a decade researching and hearing first-hand accounts of the Pig-Man, according to the Birmingham Mail. His findings are now published in his new book on strange phenomena, "UFO's, Werewolves And The Pig-Man.".......... Full Article Here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/25/le

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Posted:7/26/2013 5:10:40 AM
I came across this video a couple of years ago, and have never been able to discover the identity of the lady witness. It is a clip from a show called "Out Of This World", first broadcast on the BBC in 1977. Although I imagine the woman above may not be with us anymore, she talks about her sons who were apparently also present during this otherworldly "encounter". There must be lots of people out there who are familiar with this story, and possibly many who know the lady's identity - so if that's you, get in touch, I'm interested.... When you watch the video I'm almost certain you will agree that: at the very least, this lady believes she is telling the truth about her experience. In fact, if she is lying about the whole thing, the acting job being undertaken is truly worthy of a golden globe............ Full Article Here http://paranormalcannock.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/close-encounter-1954-staffordshire.html

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Posted:7/25/2013 2:01:37 PM
Hi guys, I've released some of the most popular articles from my Paranormal Cannock Chase blog as a free ebook. It will only be available for 4 days because as soon as the free promotion is over I will be taking it down because I don't want anyone paying for it - it's completely free Here is the link UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Paranormal-Cannock-Chase-ebook/dp/B00E4Q0DJE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1374746897&sr=8-3&keywords=lee+brickley US: http://www.amazon.com/Paranormal-Cannock-Chase-ebook/dp/B00E4Q0DJE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1374766527&sr=8-3&keywords=lee+brickley

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Posted:7/17/2013 2:29:52 PM
Some of you may remember an article I posted on this blog a couple of month's ago about an encounter my auntie had with a black eyed child on Cannock Chase in the early 1980's. Well, yesterday whilst sifting through my email inbox I came across a very interesting message from another local lady who claims to have seen this terrifying entity in the woods. I had to write an article on this, not least because the sighting is so similar to my aunties encounter over 30 years ago. Mrs Kelly (pseudonym) relays that: “.....around 2 months ago my daughter and I were walking through Birches Valley (an area well known for it's spectral sightings) when we heard the screams of a young child. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl, but they definitely seemed in distress and sounded very close to us, so we instantly started running towards the noise. We couldn't find the child anywhere and so stopped to catch our breath, that's when I turned round and saw a girl stood behind me, no more than 10 years old, with her

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Posted:7/13/2013 8:14:26 AM
It's a chilling rhyme, with a veiled warning, that has been recited by children of a mining community for over 70 years. “When night falls, enter the woods at your peril, “For inside lurks something worse than the devil. “Avoid at all costs the gathering place, where at midnight the pig-man roams on Cannock Chase.” Since the 1940s, the pig-man – half-man, half-swine – has allegedly been spotted trotting through the Staffordshire beauty spot, a haven for paranormal activity, his haunting squeals echoing across the heather at dusk. And one man has dedicated a decade of his life to discovering if there’s substance to the Black Country myth – or if the pig-man’s just all pork, sorry, talk. Lee Brickley, from Cannock, has gathered eye-witness accounts for his debut book, UFOs, Werewolves and The Pig-Man: a veritable A to Z of The Chase’s weird and wonderful. It’s a crackling read. Lee, aged 27, is convinced the truth is sn-out there.

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Posted:7/11/2013 8:04:12 PM
Well, it's all been building up to this. From today my new book about paranormal events on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England has been released on Amazon!!

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Posted:6/20/2013 1:51:34 PM
It's just a quick one from me today. I thought perhaps some of you might be interested in this UFO sighting report I received......... NAME: Richard B****** SIGHTING TYPE: UFO/Alien SIGHTING DETAILS: In Summer of 1996 (maybe June, around 730pm) I witnessed, along with other people a UFO in Chadsmoor, Cannock, Staffordshire, UK. I was on a bank on the common between the moon under the water and the nest pubs and I witnessed clearly, a silver flying saucer shaped object with reflective orbs/lights around it. It was hovering at landing plane height above the Church in central Chadsmoor, from here it shot to my right and re-appeared around half a mile further towards Cannock. It re-appeared again above the church and seemed to disappear and reappear in the same pattern or just hover for around half an hour. There were visible planes in the sky at the same time. It was not a plane, and its speed of movement was beyond recognition....... FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://paranormalcannock.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/ca

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Posted:6/17/2013 2:11:18 PM
One of the more famous UFO cases associated with Cannock Chase happened in the spring of 1964, and involved an unidentified craft that reportedly blew up in the skies over mainland Europe. A small part of the craft landed in West Germany and another much larger part landed close to the small town of Penkridge. It is alleged that three bodies were recovered from the crash site at Cocksparrow Lane by both RAF and NATO intelligence services. Now, I feel it is necessary for me to point out that the information only came to light fully in the 1990's after Leonard Stringfield, a U.S Naval officer, released the files of a retired third class U.S Navy source, who was stationed in the Caribbean at the time of the incident and had intercepted a secret Soviet transmission. He explained that the Russian message mentioned a UFO malfunctioning and crashing to earth in the West Germany and Penkridge locations. What makes the story even more credible is that there have actually been some witnesses come forward............

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Posted:6/10/2013 1:58:57 PM
n the summer of 1982, my auntie was 18 years old. She and her friends would often meet and “chill” (her word, not mine) on Cannock Chase in the evening time, probably in much the same way many teenagers still do today. One of the groups many pastimes involved donning horror masks and attempting to scare away couples, who often used the area for illicit liaisons. During one such evening, at around 9:45pm, just before dark, my auntie, several times, heard a little girl frantically shouting for help. Rushing to locate the sound, she stumbled upon a dirt track and caught sight of the 6-8 year old girl, running in the opposite direction, shouting “help mommy help”. Immediately my auntie started to run after the child, but was unable to keep up pace. During the pursuit, she tripped and received a huge gash in her toe, but still she continued to run. By now it was getting dark and the little girl had reached an area of very densely planted, thick and bushy trees. She turned around to face my auntie, looked her de

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Posted:6/3/2013 8:45:17 AM
Does the pentagon have the body of a Bigfoot on Ice? What do the Russians know about animal ESP? - Can you really handle the truth? New Page Books and the author of “Wildman”, “Man-Monkey” and “The Real Men In Black”, bring you this fantastic new title on the subject of government involvement in the lives of Earth's most gruesome monsters. From the link between the CIA and the Abominable Snowman, to a military connection with werewolves, if you like weird stuff – you'll find it all here. One particularly interesting chapter deals with British big cats, and relays information about a parliamentary debate held in 1998 on that very subject. Apparently, a survey into sightings, carried out in 1996, placed big cats in no less that 34 English counties, and various FOI requests also reveal the baffling extent of police and state involvement............

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Posted:5/28/2013 7:14:08 PM
Since the 1970's literally hundreds (if not, thousands) of big cat sightings have been reported from within the Chase's mysterious plantation, often by seemingly rational and trustworthy witnesses. In truth, these accounts have received more publicity within the national and international press than any other phenomena reported in the area, so predictably this is a very hot topic that creates a whole load of controversy – something I’m a huge fan of. In 1976 the Dangerous Animals Act came into force in England, which made it illegal to keep fierce and predatory creatures as pets without a licence. The problem was though, many people already had these animals, and thanks to parliament, they were now breaking the law. Without having much choice in the matter, pet owners far and wide began releasing their ferocious, wild beasts into secluded countryside locations. Unfortunately, many of these animals would have struggled to survive unaided in England, however, is it possible that some species were more suited

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Posted:5/20/2013 9:50:56 AM
Mr G confirmed everything in that report was correct, but also added some very interesting info: upon returning home an hour or so after the sighting had taken place, both he and his son heard the rumbling sound of helicopters overhead. Rushing to their windows, they saw two, double bladed, black helicopters flying towards the sighting location. This will no doubt get even weirder when I tell you that I, myself, have seen these helicopters on a number of occasions over the last few months. In-fact I've been spotting them so frequently that a couple of weeks ago I decided to start keeping a camera on the windowsill, and yesterday afternoon when I returned home from MR G's, I managed to get a photo of one.

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Posted:5/15/2013 10:51:07 PM
On this edition of the KTPF Community Talk Show we talk to British ufologist, paranormal researcher and cryptozoologist Lee Brickley about the many Paranormal Sightings at Cannock Chase, England. Including UFOs, Werewolves and Big Cats From around 25 mins in....

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Posted:5/10/2013 7:55:22 PM
Whilst taking a break from editing my forthcoming book last week, I noticed a new sighting report in my email inbox from a gentleman who resides in the small town of Hednesford. As my workload is pretty heavy at the moment, I will be unable to meet up with Mr Graham until next week, but he kindly gave me permission to publish his initial report, so here it is..... NAME: T*** Graham TIME OF SIGHTING: 10:10pm DATE: 1/5/13 - (May 1st for any U.S readers) NATURE OF SIGHTING: UFO LOCATION: Hednesford Hills DETAILS: My son and I were out using our RC plane on Hednesford Hills last night and we saw some lights in the sky. At the time listed above, we saw four bright blue lights moving up and down vertically in the direction of Littleworth Road. We tried to get some pictures but my phone is quite old so they look rubbish and you cant see anything on them. I don't know if you might have any idea as to what it was it was? I've personally never seen anything like it. It was almost as if the lights

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Posted:5/7/2013 8:57:33 PM
Over the last thirty years or so, the disclosure of previously top secret files from the U.S government and shocking victim testimony, have been painting a rather bleak image of “the west's” attitude to the science of mind control. As far back as the 1930s, the American establishment is known to have used biological warfare on unwilling and often even unknowing subjects from within their own populous. We know now that in 1931 Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, infected human subjects with cancer cells. He later went on to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama, and was invited to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. While there, he began a further series of radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients, all with the express permission of, and acting under the direct guidance of Herbet Hoover's government. But it doesn't stop there.

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Posted:5/7/2013 8:55:52 PM
These days, truly mysterious events seem to occur less and less frequently. A sad fact I know, but thanks to advances in CCTV, DNA analysis and forensic-science, many happenings that previously had no explanation, can now be understood. That is certainly not to say that odd affairs do not manifest, just that many acts we formerly attributed to the paranormal, can be demystified. However, when I read this book, I was totally blown away. Written by security operative Colin Hall, it chronicles an investigation into two very strange crashes in England and France, that may or may not have had an out-of-this-world / paranormal element. It is alleged that the crash in England, on the M6 motorway, involved 17 vehicles, including 3 trucks. Miraculously no one was killed, although there are reports that suggest a few people were taken to hospital. The mystery comes in the form of three main elements: a tachometer from one of the trucks involved showed that it's speed was reduced dramatically around one minute b

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Posted:5/7/2013 8:54:29 PM
Paranormal windows are an increasingly common theory used to explain sightings pertaining to supernatural phenomena witnessed in a condensed environment. If you dig deep enough, most places in the world have their own monster myths and legends, this is widely accepted, but thanks to the endlessly intriguing “wizard of weirdness”, you no longer need a $3,000 aeroplane ticket to learn about them – not for the top 25 at least! Beginning in the world famous “Bermuda Triangle”, Nick takes the reader on a fascinating journey into some of what he regards as the strangest places on earth. From the Berwyn mountains in Wales where it is claimed an ancient fish monster resides, to more recognisable locations like Roswell New Mexico, famous for the …. well, I’m sure you remember - this is surly Redfern at his best.

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Posted:5/7/2013 8:53:17 PM
Quite uniquely, this publication delves into ghosts, unknown animals and even UFO sightings reported around the 11,000 mile long coast-land of Great Britain. From phantom ships to dragons and serpents, the sheer quantity of information in this book must be recognized as truly impressive. One of the most interesting tale's contained within the text deals with a potentially otherworldly encounter witnessed by a pilot named Captain Schaffner, who in 1970 took to the skies to investigate an anomaly picked up by a radar operator in the Shetland Islands. Once in the air Schaffner reported seeing a craft travelling at 630mph which emitted a dazzling blue light that almost blinded him. Soon contact with the radar operators was lost and Schaffner's plane is reported as having crashed into the sea. No-one knows what he saw that night, and thanks to the overly secretive M.O.D, they probably never will – Still, what an interesting account!

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Posted:5/7/2013 10:32:29 AM
Many people report witnessing ghosts in military uniform in and around the cemetery, sitting on gravestones or standing silently in full attire. A lady contacted me recently who claimed that, whilst walking near to the burial ground, she witnessed a group of soldiers in 1940's uniforms casually strolling. Apparently the “Phantom Brigade” instantly disappeared when she blinked. Stories of this nature are certainly not uncommon, however some of the other reports definitely are.............

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Posted:5/1/2013 10:49:44 AM
British paranormal researcher, ufologist and cryptozoologist Lee Brickley investigates recent sightings from the picturesque and tranquil woodlands of Cannock Chase in England.

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Posted:5/1/2013 10:43:30 AM
In the first post to his new blog "Paranormal Cannock Chase" , Lee Brickley details some very interesting UFO sightings from England.

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