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Posted:11/27/2012 2:38:05 PM
Fear mongering. If you already have some psychological problem which causes you to have a hard time with "reality testing" then yes.. you need a guide, and some antipsychotics, and a psychiatrist, and possibly a straight jacket. But statistically, only 2 percent of the population will have this sort of problem. Most of the rest of us can meditate and do it well and safely with some reasonable guidance OF SOME TYPE (guru not required) in practice. We don't need more new age guru's running around on ego trips with groupies because people are afraid to pick up a good book on the subject and start practicing.

Posted:11/27/2012 2:29:42 PM
Hi Jenn,

There are several good resources that are inexpensive for learning to relax and meditate and learning to pay attention to what is you, and what is energetic/telepathic/spiritual information coming from outside of you. These resources are not wiccan and do not involve spell casting of any kind. Here is a list to check out 1) Zen meditation - any Korean Zen center in any metropolitan area will be pretty helpful and fairly harmless. Japanese Zen? They might whack you with something if you fall asleep while meditating or if you look like you will fall asleep. Zen is a good place to start because it's ZEN. The only thing you do is sit and notice your own mind doing it's thing. When you get really familiar with your own mind, it becomes REALLY easy to notice when whatever it is happening in your mind is NOT originating from your mind. If you are naturally gifted, you can also probably skip the months and years of hard practice that some people do and soon have some fairly significant blissful experiences of the transcending linear time - the big non-linear "NOW" which is easier to feel in the astral and mental realms. After Zen, you might look at studying Remote Viewing - inexpensively at Farsight, (Just don't buy into to anyone else's "storylines" about the future.) You could try Reiki training - always a good combination with Zen.. in it's original and highest form it quickly makes you a physical healing medium without teaching you any set belief system or dogma, and the practice of physical healing mediumship is a good place to start to receive spiritual healing guidance from healers and guides in spirit. You could try Silva Ultramind - some people think it's a cult, but I find it's fairly NON-cultish (unlike the Berkeley Psychic Institute of an offshoot school) and it's easy to learn and use. You can get the psychic development CD set for less than $200. There are all sorts of good reasonably priced programs out there... last but not least, DO NOT buy into a religion or a healing cult or a set of belief systems that sets limits for you. It's OK to follow whatever initial form you are given to learn to recognize your skills within, but realize that to really master your own abilities, you are going to have to step outside of someone else's structure and form, (See Bruce Lee for reference.) and figure out what works best for you, and how you work best with your own abilities. Also - when you really get going, your abilities are YOURS, not your teachers, not your schools, not your co-workers... not your friends who want to take advantage of your abilities by getting free readings and healings more often than they should. See the life of Edgar Cayce for reference. He died young because he gave away his gift to people he felt obligated to serve simply because he had the gift and he exhausted himself. Kapish? Be well. Have fun!

Posted:11/27/2012 2:00:05 PM