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Posted:1/15/2012 4:42:25 PM
OOOh jaguar what a cracking piece, and your explanation would certainly explain why we would incarnate into particular family lines, perhaps for the specifics of this life-time we lead now, we are said to choose the parents and situations with various people, that if we were to choose the same people we would need that particular genetic material to lead this life, to create the conditions for us to learn, or teach, and that we all come from the same source, no matter what costume we wear then that is all we need to know for total peace of our souls.

Posted:1/15/2012 8:31:46 AM
I also forgot to add the ending of this story, well there isn't an end yet as Michael pulled back from the brink, 3 months after the session he gained his health and is continuing to live, his cell count went up in leaps, so it really is amazing how we can heal ourselves once we know why we have that illness in the first place. I found this little gem immediately after i read the original post by Spooky, it really was spooky for i wrote the piece then turned the page, it from Dolores Cannon's latest book convoluted universe book 4, The woman is a genius, for she perfected the art of hypnosis, to include speaking to the Subconscious or Oversoul, to find out why her patients have illness in this life, and for anyone who is interested in past-life regression and our lives on other worlds then the Convoluted books i recommend.

Posted:1/15/2012 8:20:21 AM
It will work, good words Macro

Posted:1/15/2012 8:18:01 AM
You are bang on the money again, So you have finished your book, mine has been finished 3 times, then i have to rewrite it again, adding more all the time, so i have given up on it for a while,[i also had this strange thought that perhaps everyone has this knowledge, its just a question of remembering] so i thought i would spread the word this way for a bit and see how it goes. i was absolutely bricking it to start with, the first 2 pieces i put up i couldn't stop shaking lol, wondering how it was going to be received or the fear of ridicule for my complete turnaround in my thought processes i guess.

Posted:1/15/2012 8:05:53 AM
Is there anything amiss in this life at present ? Is there a sense of belonging in that memory, or one of being alone ? you are being shown this flash for a reason, its up to you how you proceed, all of us incarnating here have to be all faiths all creeds in turn but in no order to completely understand every situation, so it absolutely normal to be of another race in the past-life context. the above post was for you awswell, i wrote this in as an afterthought.

Posted:1/15/2012 7:56:41 AM
Well go with it, when you got an hour sit down and meditate, our minds will always open if we allow, then go back to the scene, place yourself there, now imagine the smells, try and look around soak up the atmosphere,and how you may have been feeling. Our minds are powerful, and will always give us clues to any of the issues we are having in this life.
The subject of past-life has been met with some reservations, especially as it seems that many people look up and say that they were Julius Caesar or Cleopatra or some other fanciful character. Well it is possible that its entirely plausible and now i shall attempt to explain why this maybe the case. When the majority of people have been incarnating on Earth for a while it becomes easier to understand the workings of Earth-life, as all lives are recorded every part[emotions etc]. But what of the new wave of souls that are coming in, what have they got to be able to understand how Earth-life works, to a gentle soul who has never experienced violence the heaviness of 3d life can shatter their spirits, they have nothing substantial to cling onto, so the powers that be who are our Creators/custodians have devised a system, what they do is overlay someone else's life experiences, its called imprinting, the person who is new here would never know that it wasn't his or her lives, it doesn't matter, but it seems that sometimes this isn't enough, you can tell one of these new souls, there are 3 age brackets late 50s- early 60s then late 30s-early 40s and late teens to early 20s, they are very sensitive, and have real aims to come and incarnate to help people here wake up to who they are and take responsibility for our part in making this a heavy world, full of negative vibes, but things are changing, people are now waking up to the fact that 3D earth is just a playground and school, they are waking up to the fact that there is indeed much more to life if we look for it

Posted:1/14/2012 6:01:06 PM
I have past-life memories, and any doubt that i may have had it was real was put to one side when my mother and i shared the same image memory, it also makes perfect sense once you understand that you are an eternal being, who has lived thousands of lives off and on Earth, although once you get your mind past this concept i will stretch it a bit more,for there is many facets to this, if we are to talk about basics then one would start with death. We may shed our bodies we return to spirit, but we keep our identity of who we are, when we pass over we immediately assess the life we have just lived. what could we have done better or different, or simply just came to learn a particular lesson, or even just to observe. When we incarnate on Earth because of Freewill and karma its easy to get pulled into situations either by having children or relationships, we get bogged down and create situations that keep us tied until all karma is repayed. there is of course a get out of jail free card on this one, if you can identify what needs to be addressed in this life and perhaps resolve the situation by asking the parties involved for forgiveness, or in the least to release each other from destructive patterns, because by doing this you all see that continuing with negative traits will keep you bound to each other whether you like it or not. by seeing the pattern you are half way to addressing the issues that keep you bound.

Posted:1/14/2012 2:47:41 PM
Yes here in England we were braced for a cold snap and nothing, all my summer plants are still flowering, they should have died off 6 months back, so we have defo had it mild, last year temps here reached minus 23 centigrade, the same time this year has been a steady plus 10 centigrade aside from the occasional frost.

Posted:1/14/2012 10:49:04 AM
I simply had to dash on and write this down, because it has just happened and another example of my expansion of awareness. In my most recent post i alluded to these being some-sort of recording energy, well something has just happened to blow that out of the water, i was sat in the living room, contemplating how i was going to expand on a recent concept that i have just presented, i was i guess looking for the divine guidance, when in front of me turned up one of these sparkles, normally now i see them i wave and think nothing more, well today one turned up in my face, i saw it there, i paid no real attention as my thoughts were elsewhere. But today it insisted i look, it danced around my face, it then made sure i followed it with my eye, it went round to the side of my head, i could see it out of the corner of my eye, it then "seemed to expand, i guess to the size of a golf ball, and at that very moment i felt a warm sensation on the right side of my head, it was like it wanted me to see it, my lesson about bigger picture seems to have sunk in,so maybe i am to take them for energies, we have all heard of the "light-bulb moment" expression, well i guess this is it for me. As it so happened i now really do have a clearer picture of how i am going to expand on a recent concept i have presented.
as an afterthought about these energies, looking back i have most seen then when i am deep in thought, or i am discovering new things, or if i am in discussion about paranormal things, i am sure they are with all of us, if we choose to look.

Posted:1/14/2012 9:51:33 AM
For anyone wanting to test this theory if they have access to the fusebox of your home, get your self relaxed and listen to the Hum, its a quiet backround noise that can be heard, then switch off main fuse, do you feel it drain from your body ?