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Posted:7/25/2012 2:03:02 AM
This was some knowledgeble information on this subject I think:


Posted:7/24/2012 4:04:28 AM
I was pondering the big bang and came to think about this as
the higgs boson seems to be on everybodys lips these days.

In the begining there was the singularity and from it in a very short period of time the universe was born
with all the nessesary ingredients there in to make it in to what it is today.

Was it a big bang tho, something that was flushed out of something as small as nothing in an instant?
I was thinking about what could come from a possible disruption in what they call the higgs field, or
what could be a field giving the "mass" to matter (I realize its far more complex then this makes it sound).
Could the higgs field in some way have had anything to do with the birth of the universe?

Perhaps there was only energy, only formlessness in a way I surely do not grasp.
Then maybe the higgs field gave this formlessness mass, shape and a continued evolution of everything.
This perhaps in a process that is something like a bigbang, a transformation from formless to form.

I do not have Phd in physics and I am only vaugly knowledgeble about quntom theory, but this is something
that I was intressted in hearing others opinions on.

Posted:7/23/2012 4:34:21 AM
40 years of research thats rich! 

Posted:7/23/2012 4:22:50 AM
Survival of the fittest is about the most fit genes and traits survivng and driving the new more fit generations to survive and hopefully refine their genes even futher.
Adaptation in conjunction with other things is what is driving evolution.

Adaptation is not only happening here on earth, every single thing is adapting to meet the changes in the environment. Even on quantum levels you could say adaptation is taking place.

Why of why would any god have been involved in this?
If any god would have been involved in any of the evolutionary processes on earth I guess the most likely scenario would be that extraterestrials with sufficiently high intelligence and technology would have come here to change the cource evolution was taking in some way, of maybe perhaps speed it up by refining of in any other way manipulating DNA.

This scenario would also explain many cultural and religious myths around the world.

Posted:7/23/2012 3:57:20 AM
First off, Please use comprehensible language and try to get your message across to us alittle more clearly.
Secoundly you might want to correctly format and space your text so that it can be easily read and understood by all.

Now from what I can see in this text you are talking about sending/reciving enegry, auras and something that is in acctuality called "tactile imaging" by some.
Personaly I will not belive something that does not have any scientific background at all and I try to keep firm belifes from taking on my emotions of what I "feel" is real.

I guess the aura could be related to biophotonics in some ways. However I highly doubt that when people see specific colors in the shape of an enegyfield around someone that this is infact something of a spiritual level or of a "higher consciousness".

Aswell as tactile imaging I think your are also refering to something knows as "self reflection" this is not a subject that is to be taken lightly however.
Selfreflection in the form of deep meditation, Drugtrips (Such as those epxeriences ingesting or inhaling DMT in various forms) or even any form of mystical experience by what ever means they are had can in many cases be very simular to what your are describing as "crusing through you brain".

A great example of this I think is an experience shared by many mystics and psychonauts alike. In this experience the participant is blown out of the body/mind-consciousness construct and his experience of who/what he is as a consciouss being is blows out of proportions. The participant experience his consciousness growing from a small scale human body and growing all they way in to a galaxy or even beyond that, then being compressed back in to his own body/mind-consciousness-construct.

I hope that clairity and a will to read up on what knowledge is out there will enable you to see things from more then one perspective.