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Posted:12/2/2010 3:42:36 AM
What do you think? is it real or fake ? can it be done by every one? i could use some source about telikinetics since i want to try it out my self too.   How to Learn Telekinetics   Eliminate doubt about the existence or nonexistence of telekinesis and remove logic from the learning process. Go to www.wingmakers.co.nz/ for a detailed description of the telekinesis learning process. According to the site, "You do not need doubt in your search for truth, especially not when it comes to the powers of the mind."   Focus on positive goals you want to accomplish using telekinesis. Concentrate on these goals through meditation in a quiet place.   Start with smaller, lighter objects such as a pencil or feather. Hold the object in your hand to feel its energy before you attempt to move or transform it with your own energy.   Breathe deep before you begin to practice. Keep your eyes and thoughts on the object you want to move or transform. Don't let your thoughts wander; think only about this object for about five minutes.   Develop these concentration skills to build up the amount of time you can focus on the object. Practice this meditation every day.   Stay calm and relaxed and have fun. Don't let frustration block your concentration and meditation. Keep practicing until you master the ability to move or transform an object with your own inner energy.  

Posted:11/24/2010 5:09:17 AM
there are more things that can lead to a explination. the human brain is a complex thing.well you sure arnt a nutcase, and i bet none of your family is.it might be real for sure this could be a bless or a curse !! prehaps you should plant some cams in your room or point them at places where stuff seem to happen. then u got some real proof if some things really happens.it might also be a hallucination due to magnetic fields or elect fields. the brain responds heavy on that . you should see the article about helm of god just google it. there they explain how that work.Gl with your quest, hope you will find your awnser.
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Posted:11/18/2010 6:59:32 AM
Shadow poeple!they disapear if u look directly at them. dont look directly at them. keep looking with the corner of your eye and try to catch more detail. prehaps you can plant some camera's around your house. and capture them on tape.

Posted:11/15/2010 7:06:38 AM
i agree with you i do think Homo neanderthalensis interbred as Homo sapiens today. it makes cense. there have been found several hybrid skelletons of homo sapiensand neanderthalensis all around europ. they lived side by side. there are so meany races of humans today we all call them homo sapiens but we actually have alot of races. we got main classes lik blacks whites and yelow. and even under these 3 races we have difrent groups. the difrences might be minor but they are there. and they make the difrence. same thing with the neanderthalerensis they where a early humanoid race. that is imbread in the white race now.bleu and green eye's and red and blond hear are probly from the neanderthalensis since the blond and bleu eye's first appeard 10.000 years ago close to some of the last living neanderthalensis. couse these eye and hair colors are not found in any other race but whites.
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Posted:11/15/2010 6:00:44 AM
The term De ja vu is missplaced.we think dejavu is something we already done bevore or seen bevore. like what u said Mysticaura. thats not true.what acctually is happening is that the brains has a small error at that moment. normally your brain shows u the image and then prosses it.  what happens when u get a De ja vu ?? well this. you first prosses the image  and then you see it. thats why it feels like u done or seen it bevore.its not some life plan you made before you come here im sorry.

Posted:11/1/2010 5:00:24 AM
i think they are using the tech, its just used in secret, they dont want there enemy's to know they have tech like that cause it will endanger there own saftey, and i do think that money dont have any Value in the S goverment, since they are The system. they can probly do any thing they like. money is probly used to buy stuff from public as a coverup. the public is happy and wont ask any questions if they just get paid.if you got a factory that makes plastic. and some costumer orders some plastic shapes, they make up a story that it will be used for airbaloons. you think ok airbaloons now thats fun lets make a price. you wont ask any more questions, your already happy your getting paid for making the shapes. but if you know it would be used for some new kind of weapon would you still make the shapes? thats where the money comes in the more the company sees of it. the more it is willing to do for the costumer. money is whats pulling the strings on the puppets.its all just one big show. they dont want us to know they excist and they will keep putting up a show. they wont let us know any thing unless they want us to.

Posted:10/29/2010 3:59:07 AM
i dont know what to think of this. there are more posible explinations. i do think this one fits in the best  "pocket-sized carbon microphone/amplifier device[s]," patented in 1924.i got some explanations from this sitehttp://uk.eonline.com/uberblog/b208138_charlie_chaplin_time_traveler_here_are.html Possible Explanation No. 1: It's a time-traveler. This is the first part of Clarke's theory. And it's not all that out there. Some scientists, including renown physicist Stephen Hawking, believe time travel is possible.Possible Explanation No. 2: It's a time-traveler talking on a cell phone.This is the second part of Clarke's theory. And it's not all that out there, either. The woman does appear to be talking, and she does appear to be talking on something. But gadgetheads aren't keen on the possibility of anyone, even a time traveler, getting her iPhone or Droid to pick up a signal in cell-phone-tower-free 1928."You'd be searching for a long time," Kent German, a senior editor for CNET, told us. "'Can you hear me now?'—you wouldn't even get that far."Possible Explanation No. 3: It's just a lady—a lady who's hard of hearing.And she's using one of them new-fangled "pocket-sized carbon microphone/amplifier device[s]," patented in 1924.Possible Explanation No. 4: The lady is "a nutter." This one is courtesy the YouTube clip's extremely active comments section. It's rude, yes, but it addresses one of the most mysterious aspects of the footage: To whom is the apparently alone woman talking? Why, herself!Possible Explanation No. 5: The lady is related to the 1940s hipster. This could either mean she hails from a line of time travelers—or a line of fashion-forward individuals.By the by, Forgetomori, the site that examined the 1940s hipster photo, has weighed in on the Chaplin time traveler. It's conclusion? Inconclusive.Possible Explanation No. 6: The lady is the ultimate DVD Easter egg. According to Clarke, the footage of the walking, apparently talking woman was found in the special-features section on a DVD release of Chaplin's The Circus. One YouTuber suggested the shot could be the result of a post-production whiz having some fun.No word back yet from Warner Home Video as to whether the footage, as presented in the YouTube clip, appears undoctored.Possible Explanation No. 7: The lady is Taylor Swift—she's everywhere. That's gotta be it.

Posted:10/29/2010 3:42:54 AM
I do agree on that one, it sure is true that some of us just arnt ready for all that change, and alot of us are. couse of a few that are not ready for that change its logical not to give them sutch information couse the system might collaps. to maintain control you must stay 1 step a head from what you are controlling in this case its the public.its like giving a 4 year old child a hand gun. at first it wont know what to do with it, once it knows what it can do. the child is unpredictable even if it listens to its parents. the child might cry and panic when the gun fires. or it can laugh and shoot at every thing. 

Posted:10/29/2010 3:20:47 AM
good. i love to hear all the story's

Posted:10/28/2010 3:52:20 AM
yes they do keep deleting alot of stuff from this guy. its good some of it still is around thanks to reposts from poeple. its to bad not more of those goverment poeple come out with more information. but i guess because he had cancer, he was gona die any way so that was probably part of his motivation too do this.