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Posted:11/8/2013 9:16:59 AM
why don't you extend , what out there isn't deamons it's spirit(s) (of/from various time bases integration sets/nodes)

Posted:12/23/2005 12:00:00 AM
> Yeah right, maybe in the movie theaters but NOT in 
> reality. 
-- it actually depends of tuning of the mind of 
-- an individual or a group or a remnant charge of 
-- the environment 
> The entire scenario of Satan and demons was 
> created by the ancient church as 
> a means to control their members. 
-- every historic figure has it's source .. 
-- .. in practise it's 
-- importing emotions to 
-- isolated subsystem or 
> " Keep em scared and they'll behave " was their motto.  
-- digging out cancelled harmony distortions from inside 
-- the memory of the species - in other words 
-- the invading alien emotion-thought package 
-- meets no antimeasures form isolated system 
-- thus such aliens are hidden by the support 
-- from alien system that is familiar with the 
-- attacker who sends the package in or with 
-- the nature of it - so .. 
-- if you get organized-harmonized against 
-- attack (Evil) by syncronizing natives in 
-- here world or mind pattern spectrum (Good/God) 
-- the quoted rule work well 
> Apparently, some are still buying into that nonsense.  
-- :) 
> If you study and research the origins of 
> Satan 
> and the 
> Devil 
> back to the original Aramaic texts, 
> ( long before the subsequent translations in 
> Hebrew, Greek and many others ) you'll see that 
> all references to Hell and some mystical evil 
> spirit creature were in reality 
> misunderstood idioms that were commonly used in 
> Aramaic speaking middle eastern countries of the time. 
-- many thanks for pointing to source experiment =l 
-- ? (it's) cause ... 
-- ha (half gessing) the man is not so capable of 
-- pre-gessing the results of it's habbits - so - 
-- it was attempted to get him doing something for 
-- his own good outside his understanding 
-- :( it probably went wrong and too far, ups!