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Posted:11/7/2011 11:45:19 PM
The greatest trick Devils did was convince the world the do not exist

Posted:11/7/2011 11:21:44 PM
If you called it and do not have its name or sigil, or called to them without purpose then it still will be waiting and "angry"  

Posted:10/28/2011 6:48:49 PM
 but the area would be right for them to be about...my mistake

Posted:10/28/2011 6:48:15 PM
 the Tuatha Dé Danann, and all the Old world gods were huge on hospitality and respect and in a twisted sort of way so were the Fae. Manners would be a fitting thing for something of the Fae to say to someone who could notice them (as in mind yours and I'll mind mine) and English might be a bit rough just based on the mythology and the old language (Gaelis is difficult for the english speaking tounge and I would imagine that statement is reversable). If I remember right the Cathedral to St. Mary is there in Salisbury and stone henge is about 8-10 miles north in Wiltshire but its been years since Ive been there, but the are would be right for them to be about

Posted:10/28/2011 6:22:19 PM
Iron when oxidized can be bent by hand depending on diameter..as to the photos on the internet of animal mutilations and the like keep in mind that there are pictures of the north American tree octopus on the internet as well. Photos do not equate to proof (for example worth1000.com)

Posted:10/28/2011 5:57:20 PM
I have a pretty good case of tinnitus from being exposed to high decibel levels from gunfire and the like. What your describing is the perfect description of it as it seems to emanate from inside the head and not my ears but there isn’t a lot that can be done for it. Man some nights is “loud” enough I cannot sleep because of it but a little background noise goes a long way in making it less noticeable. Definitely get checked out though as ringing as previously stated in this article can be many other things as well. As to the microwaves, I wouldn’t but a lot of stock in it as the leading cause for tinnitus in the civilian world (non industrial side) is headphones being too loud and traumatizing the eardrum through direct compression of the eardrum.

Posted:10/28/2011 5:24:45 PM
Tom Clancey is weeping from this article...
Forum: 11:11

Posted:10/25/2011 12:19:29 PM
Im waiting for SkyRim on 11:11:11   hahahahaa...the irony is fantastic!

Posted:10/25/2011 12:18:33 PM
is easy, get your buddies to go camping on your property with you all armed for bear (or alien) and wait. then they are trespassing and so long as your state has the castle law your golden!

Posted:10/22/2011 12:04:00 AM
For sure man, trunk monkey owns alien filth. What grain projectile do you think for rifle season? I 'm a fan of 165 grain jacketed boat tail or M993 Armor piercing for the armored types (7.62x51), but Im thinking maybe 00 shot for up close, as they seem to move pretty quick through tall grass and corn fields not to mention a little tanglefoot to slow them down a bit..