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Forum: Timeslips.

Posted:8/6/2014 10:17:50 AM
Why when I search this site do I get the WWW instead of this particular site?

Posted:8/6/2014 10:16:01 AM
New here....seems I cannot find Jeff Behnke. Does he not write anymore for this site or....?

Posted:7/15/2014 5:21:16 PM
Math and it's laws are faultless. Geometry is an exact science for all intent and purpose. It explains a great deal of why Common Core Standards were world widely introduced and thus forced by the world's super powers.  I live in Canada and was shocked that what we are teaching our children in the numerical department is not math at all.  The numbers do not add up in any equation. They call it "absctract" math for the purchasers of the 'agenda'. Simple genetically modified grass for the chatell/cattle.  It renders the generations useless to escape what I call the curse. Without knowing what numbers are and how they work one is unable to escape the cube. My best friends husband is a math genius. He is unable to teach his 13 year old any math for it doesn't make sense. Most are aware that in Canada we have always had a high level of education standards and thus some of the most intense scientists etc. I questioned the Ministry of Education as to why we adopted this American/Bill Gates/GE way of education and they refuse to answer me. They cannot. It is easily understood to the few that it is to render them useless. It is a curse. The Euphrates will dry up and the fates are sealed.