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Posted:3/14/2011 2:49:52 AM
A ten-year-old Canadian girl became the youngest person to find a supernova after she spied the exploding star last weekend. Working from her Fredericton, New Brunswick home, Kathryn Aurora Gray made her detection with her father's help Jan. 2. Supernova explosions are uncommon cosmic events that are regarded as a feather within the cap of probably the most experienced astronomers. This girl might have an excellent future and not need to take out any unsecured loans for college if she continues this path. Resource for this article - New Years Eve supernova discovered by 10-year-old Canadian girl by MoneyBlogNewz. All about supernova discoveryKathryn Aurora Gray found her supernova scanning images of the night sky taken with her father's telescope on New Year's Eve. There was a computer program began to help Astronomers discover supernovas. Generally they take a look at pictures of the sky from the past and future and see if you will find any new things in the sky. When a supernova explodes, the bright flash outshines the surrounding stars, appearing up on a subsequent image where it didn't before. Kathryn's night sky images were taken at nearby Abbey Ridge Observatory. The supernova was found in a galaxy called UGC 3378 about 240 million light years from Earth.Astronomer gets luckyThe discoveries made by Kathryn came early in her career. Most astronomers don’t make these discoveries so quickly. She became interested in astronomy about a year ago and decided to focus on finding a supernova when she learned that the youngest person to ever discover an exploding star was a 14-year-old. Kathryn’s father, Paul Gray who discovered six supernovas already, is who she could be sharing her recognition for finding the star with.Not too far away is a supernovaAstronomers study supernovas because their blasts spew chemical elements billions of miles into space that eventually coalesce into planets. The supernova Kathryn found exploded a long time ago. It was about 240 million years within the past when it happened. The last supernova detected within the Milky Way galaxy exploded about 140 years ago. Remnants of an explosion were found by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory which is an orbiting telescope although nobody on Earth observed it. In about 1680 the last known supernova in the Milky Way exploded.Information fromMSNBCmsnbc.msn.com/id/40908913/ns/technology_and_science-space/Christian Science Monitoren.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chandra_X-ray_ObservatoryDiscovery Newsnews.discovery.com/space/supernova-discovered-by-10-year-old.html

Posted:3/14/2011 2:45:42 AM
That would be really interesting, I was not able to witness the said UFO. Another interesting news I heard about aliens is the claims that fossilized bacteria were found inside a meteorite took the web by storm last week. A  NASA scientist, using a microscope to examine slices of a meteorite, said he found filaments and chemical compounds likely to be alien life. The author's claims and the journal they appeared in were roundly dismissed by the scientific community.