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Posted:11/8/2011 8:45:31 AM
 The way outside was a book written by Brian Aldin, a science fiction writer, [although i am of the impression that science fiction has some basis in fact]. The book is centred around 6 individuals 4 men 2 women who are in a house, in no particular location.  These individuals  get up and go to the store room to get their food for the day andspend their days playing cards and amusing themselves, but never going out and never getting bored, also they dont question anything, have no idea what they are doing there or why.One night one of the men Harley felt decidely uneasy and made his mind up to stay awake, it was at this point he sees another of the men leaving the bedroom and decides to follow him.  Harley followed this man into the store room, and got there in time to see the man disappear through a wall that has swung open.Deeply worried harley rushes back to the bedroom to alert his other room buddy, "Something is wrong, there is a way outside, we got to find out what we are, either we are some victims of an experiment, or we are all monsters, but as he finishes his sentence the guy in front of him disolves into a kind of stick insect.Harley succeeds in finding his way outside, he is gripped with a desire to find out once and for all what is going on who is he, and why have we been cheated of life inside that house. he see buildings and runs towards them, he pushes open the door to a lighted room.A man sitting behind the desk remarks to harley its taken you four years to figure out how to get out of there, the earth is in conflic with insect creatures called Nititians, the come to earth and kill human beings and take their place, They maintain their form by self hypnosis, the are conditioned to behave exactly like humans.a group of 5 Nititians were captured and kept in a restricted envoirement, one human was placed amongst them as an observer. Because the human sat around doing nothing so did the Nititians, they never questioned where their food came from and there was no sexual feelings amongst the mixed sex group, they just merely accepted this situation, The man harley saw disappear was the human clocking off for the night, harley then realises the implications of what the man has just said, harley then shouts "but i am human, i am not........to which he then feels his body dissolve he turns into an insect. I think many of us here can relate to Harley, the majority of the planet is filled with hypnotised humans, who simply exist because they are told to, it is as simple as that.

Posted:11/8/2011 5:27:07 AM
 Esther and Jerry Hicks also wrote a book "Ask and it is given" it was my bible and covers a lot of stuff "The Secret" didnt, there is abundance on earth, enough for everyone, its just a question of asking, "ask and you shall recieve", if its for your higher good you will get you needs, but be really careful and specific about what you are asking for, for instance you can ask for a yellow Ferrari, but if something is really wrong with it, it could cost you a fortune getting it fixed, the mere fact you didnt ask for a Ferrari that worked has nothing to do with it, bear that in mind and the sky is the limit.

Posted:11/7/2011 4:46:16 PM
Over the years we have all heard about the beginning of the NWO and how we are all going to merge and become one world goverment, to coin our English prime ministers phrase "we are all in it together" [yeah right ] is looking even more ubiqutous than ever, But folks wait, Are we seeing the end of the NWO before it got going ?, with the collapse of the Euro iminent, the rise up in the middle east and the disproportionately distributed wealth, and the start of the breakdown in society as we know it, i am now of the belief that we are right in the middle of the shift in conciousness with people all over are waking up to what is really going on,  So what does our goverment here in England do ? They change the name, now its called The New World Agenda, And i wonder how much it cost them all to come up with that "new" name ?

Posted:11/7/2011 4:25:00 PM
If it was a "house elf" what was it doing on Salisbury highstreet ? [notwithstanding he may have been given his freedom] Harry Potter indeed,