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Posted:5/30/2015 1:42:22 AM
In European history, documented cases exist of people convicted for committing murders as a werewolf. In their confessions, many described the source to the transformation as a belt, ointment, a potion or some other magical device when applied. Historical believed that such objects maybe have been either part of the delusion experienced in clinical lycanthropy or a hallucinogen altering reality. Even the testimony of witnessed transformations are seen as nothing more than fabrications, coached or hysteria. In the final installment of historical werewolves, we look into the account of Jacques Roulet if such creatures are supernatural or the delusions of the human mind?

In 1598, near Angers, France, two hunters came across the remains of a 15 year old boy that two wolves were feasting upon. When the men approached, the animals quickly retreated into the forest. The hunters gave chase and tracked the wolves through the woods where they stumbled upon a half-naked man shivering uncontrollably while hiding under some thicket. He was covered in blood with small pieces of flesh in hand. Immediately the hunters were suspicious of the man and brought him to the local authorities.

The man was identified to be a local beggar by the name of Jacque Roulet. In the investigation, the flesh in the man's hand was found to be human and after questioning admitted to killing the 15 year old boy. Jacques was arrested and put on trial where he confessed to being a werewolf. In a statement, years ago his parents gave him a salve to drink bestowing upon him the ability to transform into a wolf. Jacques claimed his brother and cousin also received this power. He continued that the three of them killed and eaten the bodies like the 15 year boy.

The local authorities investigated the parents found them in good standing along with the brother and cousin. Mr. Roulet was convicted of murder, werewolfism along with cannibalism and sentenced to death. Jacques appealed to the Parliament of Paris and confined to a mental institution for two years after being judged not to be sound of mind.

Jacques Roulet is among the many documented cases where convicted murderers were alleged to be werewolves. There are debates whether these accounts were the result of delusions of the mentally unstable, drug induced hallucinations, or even fabrications forced to confess under torture. Historians and researcher doubt of any supernatural connections into such accounts, yet in this modern era sightings of werewolves continue throughout the globe.



Posted:5/25/2015 3:18:27 AM
Modern historians researched into causes to explain the reports of werewolves throughout Europe over the centuries. Theories suggested have been hysteria, disease, mutation or medical condition. One argument that has been widely referred to is clinical lycanthropy where the person is affected with a delusion they could transform into a wolf or some other animal. The researchers believed the few cases where individuals were found guilt of murder, assault and cannibalism were suffering from this psychiatric syndrome. One account to always be mentioned when discussion clinical lycanthropy is Jean Grenier, which is the next installment in the series of historical werewolves.

In 1603, a rain of terror hit the small villages within the south-western parts of France. Children were mysteriously disappearing from farms and roads without a trace and in one account a babe was reported taken from his cradle. Some of the villagers believed wolves to have taken the children while others whispered of something more supernatural within the woods. What many had feared became reality when a young girl was attacked by a wolf.

One day, Marguerite Poirer, a 13 year old girl was attending to livestock within the fields. A large wolf unlike any she had seen before came charging out of the forest at her. The creature attacked Marguerite, but she was able to defend herself with an iron stuff she carried. Eventually the wolf retread back into the woods as the girl ran back home. Marguerite reported the assault to local authorities along with mentioning of a boy, aged 14, named Jean Grenier who in past conversions with her on the enjoyment of killing as a wolf.

While being questioned by authorities, Jean bragged about how he assaulted Marguerite and could have killed her. As the investigation continued, the boy made claims to killing local children and eating their flesh. Jean Grenier was immediately arrested and brought to trail where he admitted to being a werewolf. In his confession, the boy described meeting a man named Pierre du Tilhaire that would introduce him to the Lord of the Forest. The Lord bestowed Jean with a wolf's skin and ointment that would transfer him into a wolf. The youth roamed the forest for three years, killing off children and eating their flesh. Jean confessed to murdering dozens of children within the area.

In the trail, there were witnesses that given testimony to being attacked by a wolf along with threats made by the boy to devour them. The claims of witchcraft, the devil and werewolves during the proceeding were ignored by the judge. He accepted the testimony of two doctors that Jean Grenier was suffering from mental condition of lycanthropy than a supernatural one. In consideration of the boy's age, intellectual problems and history, the judge was lenient and sentenced the youth to life within a monastery at Bordeaux. Years later, accounts were reported Jean stilled believed he was a wolf and continued to act as one.

There are many documented accounts people killed to what many feared by werewolves. Historians believe cases involving serial killers, murders, and cannibals, such as Jean Grenier maybe been affected with clinical lycanthropy in determining why many claimed to be these supernatural creature. This theory may explain some cases yet doesn't account for the testimony of those to have witnessed the criminal's transformation.



Posted:5/16/2015 8:08:37 PM
The werewolf, also called lycanthrope, is a mythical human that possesses the ability to transform into a wolf by either spell, curse or natural ability. Legends of this creature exists in many of the folklore throughout the world. Do werewolves walk the earth or are merely the creation of nightmares from the human imagination? In Europe, for centuries many lived in fear that the creature was all but too real. There are documented incidents of people attacked by unusually large wolves along with accounts of individuals accuses of being a lycanthrope. Whether they were serial killers, murders, cannibals, or even innocents hundreds were trailed, tortured and then executed as a werewolf. In a three part series I am posting articles on historical cases involving those believed to have been the shape shifter. We begin with Gilles Garnier

Gilles Garnier was a hermit living near the outskirts of Dole in France. He had married and brought his new bride to live with him out in the woods. Over the years, they had children and in one year. Garnier had difficult in providing food for his family. He would soon find a means to ensure there was meat on the table.

In the near by French village of Dole, sometime in the early 1570s, local children were disappearing or found dead by the villagers. There were reports of a large wolf witnessed to be prowling in the forest near the town. Many believed the creature to be a werewolf as the authorities of Franche-Comté province issued a decree to all people in the region to hunt down and kill the creature. One evening, a group of villages came across a boy fighting off a monstrous creature. When they came to the child's aid. The wolf ran off and what some would testified to witnessing the animal transformed into a man they recognized as Gill Garnier.

Eventually Garneir and his wife were arrested and trailed at Dole. In his confession, Gilles stated while hunting in the forest an spectre appeared to him. The entity was knowing of his troubles in providing food for his family offered an ointment to the man that would turn him into a wolf and hunt animals easier. Gilles took the deal, but instead of deer, rabbits or bird his prey became humans. Garneir admitted to killing four children and detailed how he would cannibalizing the body then bring home pieces of flesh for his family to eat. Gilles Garnier was found guilt and burned at the stake on January 18, 1573 as a werewolf.

There were many innocents to have falsely accused and executed during this time. This article is to examine those documented cases involving where a number of people were murdered by individuals in history to have been trailed and sentenced as a werewolf. Today one could look at such accounts that these persons were murders, cannibals or not even in the right mind. Some researchers have suggested that those convicted in the past many have been suffering a medical condition known as lycanthropy where the victim sees themselves as a wolf. Despite all theories, no one may truly know to the motives of these men.



Posted:5/10/2015 11:49:26 AM
Unfortunately if someone is sadistic in life more then likely they be the same in death. In these world we will see the good along with the bad of human nature which also goes with encountering the paranormal. There are experiences of people interacting with love one wanting to say goodbye while others are being terrorized by forces wanting to harm them. Despite these paranormal shows, research into any society, culture, religion, legend, or folklore and learn there exists entities on this planet of non human origins for thousands of years desiring humanity's destruction. Education is to helping those experiencing the worst of such encounters ending the nightmare.

Posted:4/25/2015 3:35:24 PM
One of the first convention I ever attended was at a hotel in Toronto. There I have seen the latest in ghost hunting equipment, talked with several paranormal groups and learn of the newest research. I remember while attending a question and answer session with one of the guest speakers, someone asked what places would likely to be more haunted one could investigate. His answer was not the cemeteries or burial grounds, but areas that seen and experience the worst of human atrocities such as prison and battlefields. The example he gave which is the final installment of the most haunted places on earth series is Fort Gorge in southern Ontario.

Fort George is a historical military site that was built at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario by the British Army in 1769. The site served as the headquarters for British forces within the area and was a scene of massive fighting during the War of 1812. The fort was taken over by American forces in 1813 and became a staging area for their invasion of Upper Canada. Eventually, Fort George was retaken by the British, but suffered heavy damage by the end of the war. Over the years, the site was rebuilt and continued to serve a military function such as a training base for Canadian forces during the first and second Word War. Fort George was abandon by the military in 1965, yet later become a National Historical Site of Canada. Today Fort George is known for yearly reenacts and the paranormal activity occurring within its walls. It has been dubbed one of the most haunted forts in the world.

Paranormal experience have been reported at Fort George not only by tourist and employees of the site, but also accounts going back a century from soldiers who once occupied the site. There have been many different supernatural occurrences being encountered withing the fortification. People have reported confronting apparitions of ghosts such as soldiers appearing out of nowhere. Some experienced poltergeist phenomena where unseen forces would close doors, move objects and even push people. One common instance many said they had is hearing gunfire, artillery shells and people screaming as there was a battle raging within the fort. Other encounters mentioned are strange lights, orbs, ghosts of children and the newest development is UFOs sightings by the structure. Many believe the paranormal activity within the walls of Fort George are caused by the ghosts of those who died in the War of 1812.

Since 1994, haunted ghost tours have been held within Fort George and maybe one of the longest running within the region. Many paranormal groups have converged upon the site over the years to investigate its supernatural happenings. Several had claimed not only have to brush against, but record the paranormal as video, EVPs, etc. Skeptics allege the stories of Fort George nothing more than fabrications to drum up business into the area. As with everything dealing in the paranormal the final decision to believe or not lies with you.



Posted:4/17/2015 5:53:26 PM
Back in the mid 90s, one of the first ghost hunting groups I joined wanted to investigate this park that was believed to be the most haunted place in the city. There were stories told for decades of ghosts, moving shadows, strange lights, and other unearthly events occurring. The nights we spent there yielded nothing, but taught the valuable lesson of patience as the paranormal will not be active at your convenience. There are a few locations on the planet where the forces of the supernatural are said to never stop occurring and each night becomes a terror. In the second installment of the most haunted places on earth series, we look into the Ancient Ram Inn.

In the village, of Wotton-under-Eedge, Gloucestershire, UK, lays the Bed and Breakfast the Ancient Ram Inn. The building is believed to be built in the 1150, once owned by the St. Mary's Church to serve has the priest's residence. The property has gone through many hands, but is currently privately own by Mr. Humphries who purchase the place back in 1968. The Ancient Ram Inn has been dubbed the most haunted building in the UK and in the world. If the nightly paranormal activity don't scare you then its history should.

The building has been claimed to be built on an ancient Pagan burial ground which remains me of a few of those haunted stories in the US that start with native burial site. The history becomes even darker once learning of the legends surrounding the Ancient Ram Inn. Tales of past inhabitants murdered in their own beds, a witch that was burnt at the stake and rituals of dark magic performed. Human sacrifice and Devil worship are believed to had happened in the past as Mr. Humphries found skeleton remains and daggers within his home.

Since the building became a Bed and Breakfast, many reported of paranormal activity. Guests claiming be awaken at night by unearthly screams of women or children crying. Accounts given of seeing shadowy figures, orbs appearing, and the apparitions of knights and monks along. There are allegations of individuals to been pushed, hit or pulled out their beds by unseen forces causing a few incidents of guests running off terrorized in the middle of the night. The owner says he had similar experiences since taking ownership of the inn and to this day is still assaulted by those entities.

Over the past two decades many paranormal groups have come to Ancient Ram Inn to investigate the supernatural inhabiting the place. Many had claimed to capture EVPs of tormented ghosts, filmed moving orbs, communicated with the spirits and warned of the presence of demonic forces. Also, I would like to mention skeptics have too spent the night at the inn and found nothing paranormal about it. They alleged that all paranormal claims are made up to stir up business. Haunted or hoax, determine that for yourself by spending night at the Ancient Ram Inn.



Posted:4/17/2015 5:51:16 PM
Don't worry friend. Sounds like you had a night of watching Tremors movies. Those creatures don't exist.

Posted:4/11/2015 5:10:14 PM
In every city, there is a place that local residents have come to known of. Whether its home, office, abandon building or a park everyone has heard the rumors of it being haunted. The story begins with a murder, suicide or some tragic death then decades later tales circulated of the paranormal activity within the area. Some would believe, while others would scoff but everyone knows of the place. In a three part series, I wish to share the stories of several locations on earth whose haunted history has now become global known by first starting with Poveglia Island.

Poveglia is small 17 acre island located in the Venetian Lagoon between the cities of Venice and Lido in northern Italy. In the past few decades the island has taken upon the reputation of being one of the most haunted locations on earth. Poveglia holds may tales of paranormal activity occurring going back for centuries. Local residents refuse to set foot on the island believing they would be cursed by those haunting it.

History of Povelgia is a dark one surrounded in death. There are beliefs that the Romans had used it to isolate victims of the plague and the mental ill. The first recorded settlement of the island was in 460 AD of people fleeing the invading barbarians on the main land. Over the centuries, Poveglian was the scene for many battles as people sought to raid or control it. During the Middle Ages, the island was designated as a quarantine area and burial site for those who contracted the Black Death.

Over the next few centuries, Poveglia served as a fort, storage of shipment good s and continued as an isolating station for those infected with the plague. In the 1920s, the island was setup as a hospital for the mentally ill and elderly. Soon, stories started to emerge of patients encountering ghosts along with accounts of being possessed. There is a legend of doctor who conducted medical experiments on the hospital's residents that was driven insane by the spirits to committing suicide. In 1968, the facility was closed and abandoned.

Today the island has been deemed as one of the most haunted places on the planet. Historical researchers estimate more than 100,000 died on Povelgia in its history and many of those souls are believed still reside there. Locals avoid going onto the island along with fishermen steer clear of its waters has a few had caught human remains in their nets. The few paranormal investigators that braved Povelgia had reported encountering alot paranormal activity with calms of being attack by unseen forces. In 2014, the Italian government sold the island to developer in hopes the island could be made into a resort. Currently, rumors on the internet have said that the workers sent to survey the island had an experience and refuse to return.



Posted:4/11/2015 5:08:05 PM
While Jaxerback I not going to argue with you on the existence of demons or paranormal as I know first hnad experience is required to changes one mind. It funny as at one time I had such the skeptical view of the world till past events shattered it. Based off your statement on this site I going to assume your experience with anything paranormal has been limited or none or maybe even ignored. Just hope those views last you for life as there are elements in this world some individuals should never become aware of.

Posted:4/6/2015 5:04:58 PM
You could rename it or reclassify it but wouldn't change what it is. A demon or negative energy you will still have a supernatural entity wanting to hurt you.