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Posted:3/15/2012 7:23:56 AM
this is something that ive been thinking about for quite a while. a few years ago i was walking past a newsagents and i had a sudden urge to play the lottery, something that i rarely do. anyway i went in and started putting my numbers in and it felt like i was the luckiest man alive and no matter what happend i couldnt do wrong. the first 4 numbers were fine but then the last 2 numbers i started to lose the feeling almost like i came out of the zone. when the draw came up i had 4 numbers but the last 2 didnt come out. i firmly believe that in some way i tapped briefly into another reality. there are a lot of instances of this type of thing where people KNOW they are in for a big win, im sure theres lots of other ways this can manifest itself like the car crash if only it could be studied scientificly and repeated then theres no end to the doors it could open