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Posted:5/21/2012 3:50:31 PM

Posted:5/21/2012 3:50:10 PM
I wouldn't mind being part of that group.

Posted:4/9/2012 4:26:56 PM
Don't let the door.....eh hem. Take care.

Posted:4/2/2012 3:32:39 PM
Oh my god......Jeff, is there no idiot filter in this forum? I don't expect that this place will ever be some kind of Mensa epicenter for casual reading, but good grief.

Posted:3/26/2012 3:03:16 PM
Apologies!!!???!! I am so amused by this Snov.

Posted:3/20/2012 7:16:35 PM
Oh please, Icewolf's "theory" isn't possible to be disproven....lucky for him. A theory is something that can be tested, his cannot while this one CAN. He also never said "exactly". Did you even read the post?

Posted:3/19/2012 3:31:40 PM
Not entirely correct Yello. The difference is that some stories on here are far fetched but it is obvious that the person writing them believes what they are saying...This is completely different unless you have no ablility of discernment. The rules do not apply to people out to cause trouble. Sorry.

Posted:3/16/2012 2:36:23 PM
Too funny, I was thinking the same thing.

Posted:3/15/2012 3:12:50 PM
Now now, we should be considerate of everyone right? Even unemployed, retarded loosers who post junk in their boring dead end days.....on second thought, yeah block.

Posted:2/17/2012 3:59:36 PM
Well, we all start somewhere. It can start as simple as curiosity or as large as something life changing like seeing an alien being at the foot of your bed. I think BreeLD is on the right track to finding out what is true for BreeLD. It definately helps to have others who know and understand where you are coming from and 'typing' some back and forth things is a good form of communication. If you have ever lived in the Bible belt you know it gets lonely. Everyone seems to see a watered down snapshot of reality and you start to wonder if the world really is that same paint color as the one the bible belt people handed you.