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Posted:3/30/2009 12:00:00 AM
Miller said that the herd appeared normal the day before in the late afternoon when the animals were being fed by the ranchers. The calf was found the next morning roughly 5 feet from a feed tub laying dead with only its spinal column, head and legs left behind.

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Posted:3/26/2009 12:00:00 AM
In a paper published today, a team of scientists conclude that three new unusual species might await discovery, all of which may belong to the group of marine mammals known as pinnipeds. The best known pinnipeds are seals, sea lions and walruses.

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Posted:3/26/2009 12:00:00 AM
An aircraft flew over LA County that sparked an air raid alert. Searchlights and Guns were locked onto the aircraft for about a an hour.

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Posted:3/26/2009 12:00:00 AM
Raw Footage: UFO Over Monroe County? A representative says the object floating in the sky that was spotted Saturday evening in the skies near Sparta probably wasn’t one of their balloons. They say their balloons would likely have already been on the ground.

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Posted:3/26/2009 12:00:00 AM
Overhead, a clean, crisp hole was cut into the overcast, revealing bright stars amidst the reddish circular craft bottoms, It was as though a cookie-cutter had sliced a clean mile-circular hole, into the cloud cover above.

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