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Posted:1/15/2010 11:26:02 PM
no probs jeff,i saw this vidio ages ago and i couldnt believe the stupidity of it...like we are going to fall for this rubbish...these dickheads are trying every trick in the book to discredit other lifeforms and they look as stupid as they did when they introduce english as the common language and try steal other peoples culture...

Posted:1/6/2010 10:36:16 PM
who took my input out of cyber space...see what i mean,i left an interesting article full of intellegence and personal opinion here and within 2 mins my computer got all sorts of viruses and had to be shut down..the mi5 mi6 cannot deal with intellegence,thats why they try make it look stupid.so as i was saying before i was rudley interupped is that the sacred geomatry crop circles that we are given are from an intellegent lifeform,,those who try to discredit this universal mathimatical language with a commenter whom has a posh engish accent and tries to use his pompasness to trick the viewer into believing he is heirachally superior than the rest of the speaking world,nice trick...then once he has dazzelled us with this he uses formations that are of galactic origin and tries to discredit these through a dodgy interview with two bloody actors whom can use a fuckin plumbol and piece of string...yeah right..i was born stupid too..come on at least if you are trying to say these formations dont mean anything at say what they mean to you!!!!!! oh yeah thats right ,nothing?????

Posted:12/15/2009 4:59:26 PM
looks like someone is atacking the character of the russian with alot of malice,seems like someone here is holding a grudge??? no one holds this much distaste for russians unless there is a hidden agenda..anyway the world isnt going to end,the earth is cabable of looking after itself,humanity on the other hand has isolated itself from nature,stolen the resources and stripped her of he vibration that it is a natural process to clean out the cause of the problem..the answer is getting back to nature,there is a fabulous book named anistasia whom is also from russia who claims that to exsist on earth we must co create together and share our kingdom in harmony..of all the russian s you talked about this is by far the most amazing russian woman known to the world...enjoy reading and hopefully you will find inspiration..

Posted:9/11/2009 9:50:01 PM
how far from my present moment am i from a probable reality..if i was to put this into equations i could find myself lost in a time frame of questionable theroies,bought on by possibilities that are endless...in australia,the indiginious folk have no language or belief in time ,everything just is,and how we use this moment is our divine right,no one can imopse perceptions upon others that are barbaric or warmongering,these practices though have written the pages of history for too long...without media and newspapers how would these whom try buy our fate get their message across..well no matter if the beginning of history is written in stone,it will stay written in stone if we dont allow ourselves to break away from our ansestrel spiritline where destruction is within our blood...just a thought...V%

Posted:9/4/2009 1:59:54 AM
very interesting ,i myself have been interested in the origins of humanity...in some ascpects the belief that these beings gave humanity the gift of fire...this is the essence of life..these beings from niburu bought the gift of fire to man,unfortunatly in most cases fire has been used only as a destructive force and not for purification...easy cycle to get caught up in i guess!!! but even in indiginious australian culture the ritual of fire has been diminished..we need to bring this element back into being respected...home is where the heart transends..it doesnt matter where in the universe we may be,it is where our hearts are....the idea of exploiting the "holy land"keeps the perpetual cycle of death and destruction something to profit from..like vultures with no culture apart from the recycement of mans excrement of hatred and destruction...but i hear the number 12 bus is just around the corner...tooot toot all aboard!!!!

Posted:8/20/2009 10:31:00 PM
what is rather perplexing is seeing these orthodox jews in gaza praying in jibberish to a wall...a wall!!! well now they have one a big one that divides them from everything else...dont say you dont get what you wish for!!!!!

Posted:7/21/2009 12:33:11 AM
yes to be either of duality,is still the same coin ..just depending on what it lands on ..heads or tails...we can go on chasing our tails which is rather amusing to the intellegent lifeforms out on other universes,or we can accept that there are many possibilities to the equation and allow it to be be ..the flow..the continuim of space and time reaches a realisation in itself that is is more than just history repeating itself..it is an emotion that needs to be transended ,its needs the realisation of its fellow waves and particles to release this,,,so it can be the flow of its own destiny....love to you all..

Posted:7/18/2009 11:52:50 PM
oh to be a female...to be the wave that has been distorted into something to ride to the shore ...the excileration of defeating nature ..when in fact nature is just being ...it already is..it doesnt have to explain itself...yet those with the y cromosone have to diseact the nature of all that is just to understand its reality...is it to be sophisticated to understand the wave ,to reduce its life force as a scientific equation ,to understand nature is a walk down the path of alchemy which indeed is a path only for those whom truly respect its being rather than those whom want to harness it,control it and use it for profit..this is the cycle ,this is the spin dry...after this we are done..we can hang out our washing and allow the sun to just dry out the material aspects that flap in the breeze ...to incorperate both aspects into reality is a final rinse cycle...we shall incorperate both as it should be,...this is the duality that has taken so long to acknowledge itself,no fault to nature of course...everything is in divine order...the two must come together,oppersites attracting to break free from the duality....the duality that is an illusion....blue for boys pink for girls...at last just chuck the whites and colours in together and deal with it.....V%

Posted:7/14/2009 6:48:10 PM
after much seeking i have found victim mentality to be a pawn to eliminate through thinking a few steps ahead,,how easy is it for us to crave the affections of others even if it means going against our own princibles ...to stand ones own truth without impossing it upon others is a lesson in itself..what really is reality???? only non attachment with unconditional love can take us to the next level ...to think we are only in kindigarten here and some of us keep coming back to learn the lesson again and again...i love this planet but im not impressed with the destruction ive seen here...

Posted:7/10/2009 10:11:05 PM
just goes to prove that when you begin to get out of someone elses perception of a box along comes a healthly diagnosis by your friendly doctor...saying your sick..one way or another...mentally,physically,spiritually..we have designed all these institutions for you and you still want to search for more....how bout we just tell you you have cancer and not long to live...then we shall fill you full of poison to try save you...oh man...this is all too much ...