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Posted:12/23/2011 8:09:02 PM
 disclosure will never happen due to there is nothing to disclose. 

Posted:12/23/2011 8:07:29 PM
 the military uses t. it works if done in a controled enviroment. I am retired military and know for a fact it does. I had performed this for critical situations and it works just fine. I do not think just anyone can do it. but this is my opinion

Posted:12/23/2011 8:04:27 PM
 Roswell is a joke. if thats all anyone has for UFO info its very sad. 

Posted:3/22/2011 4:00:23 PM
 it was a satellite being launched into space by a private company from a ship. they do this for GPS and XM radio etc. research and do not fall into same pit as the rest of the freaks 

Posted:3/22/2011 3:45:32 PM
 Engine test run on aircraft motor. call base operations at the base the test run 20-45 minutes and the flash at the end is always at end of test run. running around dark is what they do to see flame pattern. sound travels far and shakes the ground for many miles.the "Hush house" is outside pit they run the engines up to power in and the sound wall shoots sounds up toward sky, if its cloudy sound travels back down.  I am retired from military (AF special Ops )  it sounds like KC-10 or 135 engine. those are refueling aircraft. . I know my aircraft sounds. Like a C-5 has a high pitch squeal like bad fan on a car. fighters have a crackle sound etc. 

Posted:3/20/2011 10:25:41 PM
 I had a sighting of something on thursday March 17th at just after midnight. I was driving home from work and saw what looked to be a leather brown colored thing cross the road in about 3 steps. the yellow road sign was blocked when it crossed, this thing was big. but I do not think it was big foot. it almost looked as if it had a trench coat or folded wings, the head had some strange looking ears flat face. very muscular legs. I saw it from less than 1/4 mile in front of me on a road near allegheny river about 55 miles north of Pittsburgh. I have been looking at every sight on internet and closes thing I found is gargoyle or skin walker but do know bigfoot sightings are common in this area, very common but the locals never report them to anyone. there are 100's of caves and abandon mines in the area also. any ideas? I am retired military don't drink or do drugs and never seen anything like this. I have seen other strange stuff in my life but this I cannot explainthanks

Posted:3/20/2011 10:14:24 PM
 I have never had a problem using any board. I do think many people do get mixed coming threw. I think if someone is weak then something bad can sense and come threw. just like in daily life when the bad people prey on the weak