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Posted:11/12/2015 3:19:49 PM
Whatever Jax, truth is that yes, things have gotten to a point that even if someone had definative proof of any paranormal occurance then the "experts" would shout it down just to prove their expertise. I like the idea of the water on the floor. I'm exploring a new idea in my next book. You will probably like it just for the unconventional way I kill Jax off. Hmmm, no pun intended. It is hard to deal with the paranormal in new and exciting ways. But!! New people have new experiences all the time. The paranormal dead/dying? Never.

Posted:10/30/2015 11:07:08 PM
Yes, there isn't much a feeling can do. Unless you're playing poker. Even then luck seems to have a sense of humor. Nevertheless you can't sweep the floor with it or use it to buy a cup of coffee. Woe are we pitiful clumps of animated meat doomed to shuf shuf shuffle along until we tip over and get in the way.

Posted:9/10/2015 10:28:28 AM
Lot of shit happening all right. The book is doing as well, (or poorly) as the last one so far. Which is good! I hope Jeff doesn't mind a plug here; Pithole, where the devil danced. Horror/fiction, Booklocker publishing. On line everywhere. I don't know about needing evidence all the time. Look at religion, something created by people who didn't know what happened to the sun at night. Look how well that turned out. Nobody needed evidence with that.

Posted:9/10/2015 10:04:01 AM
I would never scrap a 71 Roadrunner. However, you make a good point. I find objects like that trigger memories of the past. Your personal past. There's a lot of stuff that is deader than dear Aunt Tillie, no vibes at all. But every now and then, you touch something, hold it in your hand, you feel an emotion. Sometimes strong, sometimes faint. I wonder if it had to do with the quality of the last user's psychic ability?

Posted:8/17/2015 8:40:29 PM
I've noticed that when I do my job, tearing down old buildings and scrapping junk cars, there are times when I find some object and when I touch it I can almost see a memory. Feelings, like pain, fright, confusion, and even bewilderment make their impression on my mind. We have all seen the tv shows where Ms. Clairvoyant handles little missing Heidi's hair tie and knows exactly where the body is. With me so far? Why can't folks feel other emotional vibes from stuff? What if the person were happily skip doodling along and lost their money. Couldn't you feel the happiness when you picked up the errant bills? why always scary shite?

Posted:8/17/2015 8:23:05 PM
How do you know you haven't found any evidence? You think that stuff is gonna jump up and smack you in the fanny? Just like religion, ya gotta believe! Fortunately, paranormal stuff only scares you a little bit, not incite wars, and mass degeneratta. When you feel the hairs on the back of your neck raise up and your pulse quickens for no viable reason other than a feeling you get... there is the proof you seek. Bottle that and you will become rich.

Posted:5/14/2015 9:56:37 AM
Janet, are you suggesting he just give up? Forget about his lost dog, missing neighbor, take his terror filled hamster and just leave? Or seek professonial help for delusions?

Posted:5/9/2015 11:51:11 AM
Helltown? Nothing comes to mind except a band once called"The Helltown Rockers". Their probably in rockers now, lol. Pithole is very real, with a state built mini-museum and tours on certain days. Located in Venango County, between Titusville and Tionesta off rte 36. Only faint streets remain now. A man dressed all in black, ankle length duster, broad, flat brimmed hat, has been seen several times in the area and even appeared before the memorial construction crew. Nearby, on private property, is a large cluster of glacial rocks surrounding a deep hole. Sulpher fumes and faint groans can be heard coming from the depths. I tossed a fist sized rock in it once and never heard it hit anything. If you go, don't bring a metal detector, you can't remove anything from the site. In the museum there are photos of the town at the peak of its 500 day existence.

Posted:5/7/2015 1:55:08 AM
Sales are happening and I'm about to publish again. Good luck with your endeavor.

Posted:5/7/2015 1:50:57 AM
Jax, Jax, Jax, tsk. I happen to live in western Pa and know a few things about it. In my new book, which is being final prepped for publication I use the ghost town named Pithole. A riotious boom town in the birth stages of the oil industry. Many ghost and supernatural legends are attributed to this place.