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Posted:1/6/2011 9:07:26 AM
Electromagnetic? I have seen them as well, Nutter4et! They are very real. Suffice it to say, there are good Et's and bad; the same as the human race. The bad ones got kicked out of thier space-time continuum for, well, for not playing nice.  Hmmf! Taking people at night, conducting experiments here, and all sorts of manner of violations We are sovereign, conscious living beings and we have the right to tell them to leave us alone. The G's have made it so that many people believe that their lives are happenstance, out of their conscious control, and don't worry, big brother will look after you. In the mean time, some of them have sold us out in exchange for technologies. You think we had this sudden technical explosion after, what..centuries of bronze swords and bows and arrows?Technologies have been here MUCH longer than the average citizen is taught. Yes. These visitors of yours are real. And you can tell them to go bugger off if their activities are bothering your lives..End of story. By Galactic decree, they must comply...or, you can ask the good guys to help you clear out the meddlers. 

Posted:1/6/2011 8:52:53 AM
Can a bat smash a trail cam, though?The dead birds are another thing altogether. Birds nest at night as high in the trees as they can to avoid snakes. We set off fireworks inJuly every year at night. I've never heard of birds dropping in scores around our town as a result of collisions. Sure, they freak and take off, but, I've never seen a dead carcass yet!. The autopsies say that the birds suffered internal trauma. So did the dolphins a few years back when the military was testing it's 'super sonar'. It was blowing the insides out of whales and dolphins, it was that strong.! Who's to say that some testing was done at night and the cover of fireworks would be a perfect set up?Arkansas is in for some karma, I think. 
Forum: help?

Posted:12/29/2010 11:56:39 AM
Light in which our biological eyes percieve substance are genetically calibrated to 'see' certain frequencies. These frequencies are blending as the DNA within us is recalibrated to higher frequencies. As a person with psychic ability, it is often hard to explain just how VAST life is, and, the manifestation in which 'thought' energy can take shape. Your seeing these entities is not paranoid delusion. Think on it. 400 years ago, say, a pilgrim is homesteading and his dog begins to stare at a cornor of the house and growls. The pioneer thinks his dog is 'barking' at nothing. Science today can detect levels of sound beyond what the human species has been genetically endowed with. so;The 'theory' is that there are many levels of 'light' also. Our eyes are calibrated to 'percieve' certain levels of light. These levels, also, are changing. People are becoming more and more aware of experiences beyond what our normal range can detect. Rather than become 'freaked', you can ask the Higher conciousness of this Universe for guidance and answers. Hopefully, this helps abit.