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Posted:5/31/2010 3:59:26 PM
I am a sleep Technican who has done studies on hundreds of people- Mainly for sleep apnea which is a respiratory condition. Funny thing is I have had multiple experiences of sleep paralasis and even lucid dreams where you control your dreaming. Some people, including me have what are called hypnogogic hallucinations while falling asleep or coming out of sleep. Normally sleep paralasis happens to keep us from acting out our Dreams, but what can happen is a REM behavior disorder that allows one to act out parts of the dream- like kicking or punching-which I have done. In sleep paralasis my experinces have been not stressful because I know what is happening, I have been awake but unable to move my body even though I had tried with all my might. I have had hypnogogic hallucinations which included loud humming noises, hearing peoples voices etc, realized I was sleeping and having a hallucination then relaxed because I  knew what was happening. What can happen to some people is they bring up deep seated emotions that they have been suppressing ( like resenting being controlled at work, etc) and have a bad experience while in sleep paralasis. I am not saying that sometimes strange things happen but realize that you do have reactions which could possibly be controlled. Try changing your attitude and when dreams or sleep paralasis happens you do have total control of your mind, Try to change the experience to a better one, realize what is happening right at that moment and try and get out of your human body and try astral projection, or try and control your dreams- It is true, I have realized I was dreaming and decided I wanted to try flying, so I did it-it's fun  once you know that you can control your dreams and when sleep paralasis happens don't fight it because it is natural, just try to go back to sleep or try astral projection. There is a multitude of books out there, in your local library or lots of forums on the internet--don't be scared just go try it, it might change your experiences from bad to good!