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Posted:3/25/2012 10:29:15 AM

You are debunked out of the park...


Posted:3/20/2012 6:37:51 PM
If this turns out to be bullshit on the 22nd of March I'd like you to publicly apologise to Ice Wolf whose theory is still viable while yours is proven nonsense!

Posted:3/20/2012 6:36:14 PM
Jes ! An earthquake hits the earth everyday! What do you mean by pretty big... let's here the actaul Richter scale number. Higher than 8.0? will 7.0 do. Is your date of the 22nd March cast iron. Will you withdraw from the predictions game forever if you are wrong?

Do you really think that scientists have missed a large earthwuake occurring on the button of every 6 months exactly? And YOu picked it up?

You're the one giving out about Ice Wolf?