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Posted:4/6/2011 1:10:46 PM
some people have haunted houses , some people are haunted. i think i happen to be one of the lucky haunted individuals. So im gonna start from the beginning. when i was born i had alot of complications, my cord wrapped around my neck and for a few minutes i was in the ranks of the dead. (important side note: when i was born my eyes were crystal blue)Most of my childhood went pretty normal.when i was 11 we moved into our first house on halloween of all days to move in. nothing was happening at that point in time but the house did put off a creepy vibe. that summer i was in a very bad aacident. i was riding my bike home and was hit by a car that was doing about 50 in a 25mph zone, i went face first through the windshield and when the lady realized she had hit me she slammed on her brakes which through me back out of the windshield and then i slid about 2 or 3 houses down the street on my back. the injuries were pretty gruesome. my mouth on the left side was ripped open,my chin was ripped open and you could see all my teeth,it sliced up my nose and and my forhead pretty good. My shoes were filled with blood like when you walk through a river with shoes and when you get out the water splashes out every step you take. here's where it gets weird ,amidst the chaos of what was goin on   while i was layin in the ambulance bleeding out , i was calm all of a sudden and i looked up and my grandpa jack was there but my grandpa was dead. i finally made it out the hospital and at somepoint during the healing my eyes changed to green after 11 years of crystal blue eyes. a couple years went by and i figured that i had hallucinated seeing my grandpa in the ambulance as a comfort kind of thing,but the i started having these "dreams"(i call them visitations) they almost always take place at a dinner table, you can smell and taste the food feel the warmth of the candles the cold touch of the silverware, and we always talk about accurate things. Its usually dead family i talk to. sometimes they ask the questions sometimes i do. when im awake though i see things that arent my family , like shadow people or barely visible swirling smokey swirling vortex's. my ghosts also followed me across the country and back . Theres a few bad ones that follow but i know theres light to balance out the darkness so i embrace what happens to me. i feel like  im rambling at the moment cause im multi tasking and gettin distracted but i though i would share this with you guys so anyways take it as you will and keep fightin the good fight

Posted:2/17/2011 11:41:02 AM
idk i think i seen something that looked like a snake swimming through the air