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Posted:7/20/2011 10:52:06 PM
Interesting thing about the Face on Mars, NASA doesn't think that area of the planet's surface is worth looking at again. Nothing to see here, nope. I mean, it only roughly resembles the Sphinx and a town center leading to it... on the surface of Mars. Why look at that when there's so many... other places to look.

Posted:7/15/2011 1:14:04 AM
Of course there are other life forms in the Universe. Without a doubt, taking into account the entire expanse of EVERYTHING... yeah, somewhere out there is a star similar to our sun and planets in orbit, one of which would be similar in proximity to the position of Earth, making life, as we know it, very much plausible. This isn't even taking into account life forms who may differ from our basic structure. We (as humans) believe we have the most efficient internal workings, if you will, and this is true. On our planet. For all we know a form of gaseous consciousness exists in the heart of Jupiter, perhaps operating like a much advanced gaseous amoeba... I also concur with Stephen Hawking that we should stop seeking them out (before we're ready), if they ARE receiving our signals AND are able to travel great distances across space they are much more advanced than we are... and also may not be "friendly." As for agencies hiding the existence of extraterrestrials from us to keep us "safe." Well, that would make sense, only "safe" from panic and chaos which would ensue if the majority knew the truth. There are a lot of people out there who would take that as a direct affront to their beliefs, for example, Christian Fundamentalists who believe EVERY word in the Bible to be true.

Posted:7/15/2011 1:00:07 AM
Now that's interesting, I too have noticed... well, more felt... time on Earth moving more quickly. I've been having a lot of trouble with my clocks being wrong recently as well. A simple explanation would be the Earth is rotating faster, gaining speed... the cause of that would be a very long conceptual guessing game (your theory about stripping the Earth of natural resources is quite clever). Another potential explanation is the concept of "lost time." Of course, NASA, is releasing press against the presence of "Planet X (Nibiru)" the alleged rogue planet of Sumerian lore... but, if extraterrestrials WERE conducting experiments OR using humanity for a short time, say 15 minutes or so, on a rotating basis, shifting people in and out across the planet during nighttime hourse and keeping up a continuous work force (but not at a duration where anyone could be assumed "missing") there could be an explanation... unlikely, though. The most probable explanation is solar flares creating some kind of interference with "Earth Time." Although, our entire concept of time is interesting... linear. It's probably much more fluid than we give it credit for. Sorry for the long response.