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Posted:5/4/2015 2:52:28 PM
Bob, how are the sells of your book going? I am producing "Happy People, the recently or never married" by Gary Brumwell Gulley. It reviews my family history, my works "Return to Babel [Spring 1968 - creation of a non-spoken symbolic language], "A New Number for An Old Beast" by Gary Brumwell, "patterns to the prime numbers" by Gary Brumwell,
and a interesting review on the nature of the genetic penal colony I call "Earth World." Happy to see that people are still willing to bring new life into this world, but it appears the childhood memoirs of this new young Royal will not be entitled: Alice in Wonderland.

Posted:5/3/2015 12:49:42 PM
there is the Keltic green man, he looks more tree like. The Picts would paint their skin blue for battle.

Posted:3/23/2015 7:49:00 AM
were you the one who posted a few years ago about entering a barn of some kind and seeing a Roman orgy occurring?

Posted:3/22/2015 11:20:53 AM
you have posted a number of items about seeing folks in a stable, young girls along the highway, and now a lady in old fashioned cothes, what part of Ireland do you live in? Does this happen to others, but that does not discount that it happens to you?

Posted:3/21/2015 1:56:31 AM
Five weeks after my mother's death I began to get a series of emails from different companies saying they could help me because the way a bank account in my name in the Bank of Scotland in Halifax had been closed incorrectly leaving 5000 Pounds or about $ 7000 USD, 1% of the account.
I have a relative, either my older brother, an aunt of a step-father or someone who is now a lot richer. About $ 700,000 worth.

Posted:3/18/2015 11:12:19 AM
The opinions of worthless men are worthless opinions. Bob, tell your friend he ought to read my paper "A New Number For An Old Beast" by
Gary Brumwell.

Posted:3/17/2015 12:37:44 PM
Going through a family photograph album we found an actual photo of Victoria, the King of Spain, the King of Denmark, the Kaiser, the Tzar, and the British Royals from the 1897 Diamond Jubilee, but they are the titled folks. There is a photo of Prince Albert from the age of 41 years, just a year before his death, in the presentation "Victoria and Albert, part 1" on youtube. 1:52 minutes in to it they show a picture of Albert sitting in a chair. He is a clone figure of my brother Billy, the director of the water works in Imperial Valley, they both are architects by trade. I pointed out the photo to his kids and they mistook it as him with his hair line back at the age of 40 from one of those novelty photos where people dress up in period dress. In his book "Citizen and Solder, the Memoirs of Lieutenant-General Howard Graham" there is the official sitting photograph of the 1956 Royal Tour of Canada, there are folks lined up on an outdoor stair way in uniforms and with ladies dressed up, of these 50 people the Queen is in the front and center. To her left is seated "the Duke of Edinburgh" and to her right Lt. Gen. Howard Douglas Graham, my great uncle. We found old photos of his father and his mother among our relatives. There is a tin type with with his mother and three other women forming a diamond configuration with with her at the top of the diamond with a hand on my great grandmother's shoulder. She married the second son, Alice married the first Graham son. She is wearing the same dress as in the photo from the book. We have younger boyhood photos of his father. We had two great Titt aunts who died outside of Cape Town two decades ago at the ages of 102 and 103. Their lands near the Bristol area of England "reverted to the Crown." My grandmother's brother Herbert Titt was the first wireless radio operator for White Hall and the Palace. His main job was to translate the radiograms from the German Imperial family to the British Royal family. You do not get that kind of position without being family. He was the one who got his father to move their family over to Canada in 1912. He was the one who my grandmother Gladys told me was "advised" not to have them take the RMS Titanic. WE have their mannerism, we have their looks, we have their illnesses, and worse of all we have their sense of humour. Realizing the circumstance surrounding the death of my father and now understanding why there was an effort to kill me on Jan. 31, 1980, an anniversary of the beheading of Charles I by Cromwell, I have decided late in my life to disassociate myself from those folks. I want to be buried with my father Milton Wayne Gulley and not the Grahams. I know that after my death they will point to my paper
"The New Number for an Old Beast" and my work on the patterns to the prime numbers and factoring the RSA numbers as proof that they produced men of greatness. Nothing I can do about that and in fact I do not really care. I am thankful to have been permitted to live a life with the great powers of such perception. Asperger's Syndrome does as Asperger's Syndrome is.

Posted:3/17/2015 7:11:04 AM
There was a Prince John, a son of George V who died at the age of 16 and is reported to have had Asperger's Syndrome. It is not a form of insanity, but rather high functioning autism. Five weeks after my mother's death I began to get emails from different companies suggesting that about 5000 Pounds [ $ 7000 USD ] was left in a closed account in the bank of Scotland in Halifax that had been in my name, it appears some relative is pulling a fast one. This could explain the poisoning I suffered on Guam in 1960 that left me in the Navy hospital for nearly two weeks. My older brother Gerald had brought me a drink he had gotten from the concessionaire at the NCS outdoor base movie theater. It was murky in nature, for weeks the other kids, friends of Gerald's, had been going through the soda line creating a mixture of soda drinks called "suicides." It appeared Gerald had brought and brought me one such soda, the only time in my life he ever brought me anything. I set it down on the ground but it got knocked over, but I had drank enough to make me very ill, so the two weeks in the Navy hospital. Gerald was never much interested in the death of our father, just the farm lands in Alberta. Perhaps, he was just being practical [greedy]? The only time I meet our paternal grandmother was just before we left for Guam. She had a minute without the presence of my mother Lois and warned Gerald and me to beware of our mother because "she poisons people." A few years ago I found a newspaper article from Oklahoma that read my father had been hospitalized back in 1947 for a strange stomach poisoning. Lois always interfered with me hearing from my paternal relatives. I have a recording disk where there is a conversation between my maternal grandfather, Harold B. Graham and others saying it was a shame that grandmother Gulley had taken a train all the way from Oklahoma to Los Angeles to see her son without first calling a head, because he was not available at the time she got to Los Angeles. It is interesting that the incident on Guam
in March of 1961 where by accident I overheard the details of the meeting where the Naval brass were discussing the new President's order to transfer the two Marine companies of our small base to the Republic of South Vietnam. This lead weeks later to a native boy asking me to review a booklet created by his uncle about the Chamorro language of Guam being accepted as the new American military code language for he said he knew who my father was. My step father's name was Bill and I guess they thought my speaking of "daddy Bill" must have been about Bill Gulley and not Bill Brunet my stepfather. Folks in my maternal family have really long and clear and detailed memories, just the kind that Spook agencies like to recruit. I have been approached by at least two, one foreign and one American. After the native child giving me the dictionary that his uncle had made up of the Chamorro language my brother Gerald gave me two very small cameras and some foreign monies and some film cuttings from the movie Sink the Bismark where it showed the two German ships from a view from above.
After the poisoning effort earlier I was careful with Gerald. If he had succeeded in the poisoning my parents would have been rid of both Gulley boys. While playing a board game a few years ago my mother Lois said "Gary, you know I could poison you." I think she was trying to apply pressure to win the board game. In their old age people slip in their speech. With her death my only sister, Denise, and the youngest in our family has moved with her new husband down to the lake area of Campo just two miles north of the Mexican border where she is just a few houses away from the hand built retirement house of my parents in order to take care of her father. That two story home has a tall new fence around it with a new large water tank that can not been seen by others in the backyard. They have the only working electric private electric generator. There is short wave equipment from the 1970's. They have ten industrial bags of silver coins. I get the feeling they are preparing for some big event. I was once offer a ride in a classic car that was said to be that of the British counsel's with a English man with a pair of field glasses who wanted to go bird watching in the Point Loma area where we have a number of interesting American Naval operations at the time. I declined. MI5 and MI6 are both interested in recruiting folks with Asperger's Syndrome for code work. I did create a method for factoring RSA number and even sent a letter to the White House in August 2004, but never heard back from them. It is possible that the RSA method was created with a "backdoor" on purpose. I wash my hands of it. Too many Spooks already in my life. I will stick with the patterns to the two major strings of the prime numbers and a study of history. Whoever ended up with the funds from the Canadian farm lands good luck to them, I will not be needing them.

Posted:3/17/2015 1:44:06 AM
It appears that I am a great, great, great grandson of Victoria and Albert. We each have 32 great, great, great grandparents in 16 pairs.
Victoria, defender of the faith, and by the grace of God Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Sovereign and Ruler of the Dominions, Lands, and Islands beyond the seas, or so the land grant read. Canadian farm lands I was cheated out of. I have asked to be buried with my American father and not with our maternal Canadian family members. I have found a diary by a great grandmother where she writes that her son Harold was "nervous" an entire week before the death of my father Wayne. They never did allow me contact with any of my paternal family members.
It turns out I have ten paternal aunts, but the only aunt I have know my entire life is my one maternal aunt. I feel cheated.

Posted:3/17/2015 12:23:39 AM
With the moonless night of March 20th approaching and the possible attack by the IDF against underground Atomic sites in Iran using stealth bombers we sold to them, there is also the consideration of the changes in structure and persons commanding our American atomic forces. There could follow the IDF attack against Iran an American first strike against Russia. The recent killing of the Russian opposition leader reads like an excuse for an attack against Putin himself. The Russian military is now preparing for what could be coming. We enter a historic danger zone. There is under the Malcome A. Love library at SDSU a Presidential atomic bomb shelter, i.e. "rabbit hole." It can hold up to 38 people for some 60 days. With a processing room for the storage of bodies, that could be used as a food source, some 20 persons of value could be maintained for up to 120 days. My great uncle was Lt. Gen. Howard Douglas Graham co-initiator of NORAD and Chief-of-staff of the military branch of Ca MOD, 1955-58. I appear to have had a paternal uncle, Bill Gulley, who was Director of the Office for Military Affairs in the White House from Nov. 23, 1963 until 1977 under President Jimmy Carter. He was first reported dead in Time Magazine in 1994 and again reported dead in 2012. You know they are a "spook" when they have two official dates of reported death.

My mother died in October of last year and we found Canadian family records and old photographs from Markham. I had my left testis removed in Jan. of this year for Mesothelioma cancer and am now going through chemo treatments until May. There is a 90% chance of recurrence within two years if I am declared "cancer free," but there is only a 00.3 % chance of that. There is considerable pain involved with the process of treatment. I have already been asked by two different women younger than me about marriage. It appears the best method for attracting women is to likely die soon and be leaving a considerable some of money from a cancer compensation fund. Who knew? Yes, I lean to the right when walking now. I may be only half the man I used to be, but I am still twice the man of anyone on this silly posting site.