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Posted:1/2/2009 8:17:23 PM
A change of frequency near the spirit has the ability to change it's mood so to speak. The more drastic the change the better mood change and it also depends what kind of spirit, alot of them only have ability to pull small pieces of energy towards them at a time some can pull more. The ones that can pull more will give you the best show. The perfect match would be you ino a house that has a strong violent type spirit in it like up stairs or in a specific room, take a portable generator into that room or area and turn it on for say an hour then leave it there but turn everything off. Have your equipment ready because you just changed the freq in that area drasticly and upset that spirits hole world. This would be better in the evening because of less radio,infered,micro and other waves that run rapid all around us in the day. Now you have the quickist way to get beat up by a spirit. If you get marked please post pics ok?

Posted:1/2/2009 8:03:30 PM
Tinkker and ofutile are correct. The same thing happins when you astral project but your using the energy stored in your centers but still a drain. Spirits no longer have the energy centers or chakras so they pull from a area using a certain frequency. If you use a freq finder you will see it change at the time your batts are being drained thats also why the cold chill in the room, pulling energy from you and the enviroment. You can also use a tape recorder and ask a question like "why are you here" and listen on a free sound amp you can get online. you will here a loud shreek then the voice but you will have to clean it up some with the sound program. Sounds like a spirit and a good one at that. Taking pics is also a option using a flash and lights out. I prfer a SLR camara that takes BLK and WHT film for this but digital will do in a pinch just watch out for windows,mirrors and shiney shades.

Posted:1/2/2009 7:47:50 PM
Here it is again. Somebody who thinks they no why spirits are here. "to pass on a message to a loved one". Ok we need to stop using that tired old line because you dont no why there here. Let's look beyond what we have always heard.

Posted:1/2/2009 7:40:46 PM
Ms Evans said: "Most spirits are either lost souls who haven't passed over or are loved ones making contact to give you a message or their guidance." I'm so tired of hearing this! if you have had a NDE or Astral Projected on a regular bases you no this not to be true. Just FYI. glasses go flying across the room because of freq change with the spirit or area there in. This can happin when your out of the room or in it. My sisters laundry room light goes on and off from the indian ghosts that stay there, does this mean we need to do laundry or remove the stuff from the dryer. I dont think so. We need to look beyond the old "there here to give us a message bull!

Posted:1/2/2009 7:24:54 PM
William must have been a lonely guy to fake all those pics. But it did take work on his part and I enjoyed looking at them.

Posted:1/2/2009 7:05:16 PM
Hey Canis, I live near MTN City,TN and would like to plan a trip for that area also. My sister and I do some paranormal investigations. Anyway we might meet there or atleast compare notes? [email protected]