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Posted:6/26/2012 12:49:21 AM
I kind of agree with Levinus. I live about 90 miles north of the area in question and it sounds like a case of mistaken identity more than anything else. From the description of a short tail, long nose, and super fat I'd say it's a North American badger. They range in color from black and white striped to almost solid brown and are fairly common to the area.

Posted:5/22/2012 6:10:10 PM
I think there are similarities between the Grinning Man, the Mothman, and many other mysterious humanoids like Britain's Owlman or the Danish Lantern Man (even though the Lantern Man is commonly used to describe will o' the wisps there is another tradition that considers him something far more humanoid and tangible.) My theory is that these creatures (be they terrestrial, extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional) are the same kinds of creatures that have inspired fairy and folk lore the world over. I think they've always been on Earth and have changed and advanced just as we have.
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Posted:5/22/2012 5:56:33 PM
I feel like that on every paranormal or conspiracy website I go on. I believe in studying different ideas and experiencing what others think, but there are definitely some rabid believers with little care for evidence or discussion in the world. My opinion is its best to just keep hammering at their delusions with reality until they shatter even if it hurts someone's feelings. It's what I would want people to do for me.

Posted:2/17/2012 2:53:25 AM
I used to have visions when I was in the Navy. About every other day I would have very profound religious visions. They were extremely detailed and I would remember them for much longer periods of times than normal dreams. Several of the dreams I can recall in great detail (including feelings) to this day. However, I was also sleeping an a very high EM field at the time. Since my discharge I haven't had the same experience.

Posted:2/17/2012 2:42:18 AM
Great thread here. I've always depended on my personal experiences for belief, at least when paranormal events are concerned. For anything else I leave it 50/50. The possibility of it existing is there but I don't believe or deny it. I had lots of religious/spiritual visions while I was in the Navy. I was also sleeping with a 450 volt wire bundle running less than a foot from my head. Although the experiences were great for morale I didn't throw my lot into any religion (at the time) because there was a very high probability that the visions were caused by high EM fields and not visions from God. I doubt a great deal of paranormal accounts, encounters and creatures that people report. However, I have no doubt that what I have experienced in my own home is real even though it sounds ridiculous. In this home I have experience residual hauntings, poltergeist activity, apparent time distortions, and what I can only describe as a brownie (faerie) living somewhere in my house. Had I not experienced all these things myself I would find the belief in them comical.

I think faith is unique to each individual. It's something that is either in you or will come to you. Something I've heard Christians call "the calling." There's also the chance that such a calling never happens and you turn atheist. I think as long as you're true to yourself it's all good.

Posted:2/17/2012 2:24:19 AM
I've seen winters like this before. Seems like every 15-20 years there's a shift to a milder winter. It's part of a drought cycle. A natural shift to a dryer season means little to no snow fall. The lack of snow on the ground allows the ground to absorb more light/heat which keeps temperatures up. After the last couple winters we've had around here this isn't so bad.

Posted:7/18/2011 1:27:53 AM
http://www.paranormalnews.com/messagelist.asp?nForumTopic_pk=1130You might like a look at that thread, too.  It's where I first started telling my story on here.

Posted:7/14/2011 12:36:34 PM
Haha, although I have some pretty sick jui jitsu I think I'll go with a knife before grappling with a large cat (I would have preferred a more serious weapon, but they were all closer to the animal).  I have tried a more diplomatic approach to the activity in my house.  I've offered food an drink, and basically extended the hospitality any guest would expect.  What I find strange about this house is the complete randomness of the activity.  I've been doing amateur paranormal investigations for about eight years now and I've never been to a location that had anything other than a residual style haunting, with the exception being my own home.  The best that I can figure there are two entities here.  One is the brownie/gnome/fairy that has been spotted here.  He always appears as a tiny old man, appears willingly, and appears to women.  The one time I saw him it seemed to be a mistake.  When I saw him I kind of had the impression he either didn't think I was going to see him when he ran into the room, or he didn't know I was there.  The other entity is the one that appears as various animals.  Prior to the reaction to me pulling a knife on it the other night it had never shown any intelligence.  Before it had always acted like whatever animal it appeared as.  Usually content to either wonder around my garage, or lay on the furniture, and only once did it ever want to interact with me.  It just walked up and rubbed on my leg like a cat (it actually looked like a shorter and stockier version of my cat).  When I tried to pick it up it jumped on me and scratched me then ran off and vanished.  I don't think it is possible this was a real cat, there was no where for a stray to enter or exit my house without me seeing it and there was no evidence left behind to indicate there was ever a foreign animal in my house. Currently I'm not doing anything about what is happening.  I don't feel threatened and there has been activity in this house as long as I have lived in it.  I figure if whatever it is was here before me, it has the right to stay as long as it isn't a danger.  I just observe it and occasionally report to you all.  I've tried setting up trail cams (trap cams, motion activated cameras, pick your preference) before, but they always ended up broke without ever taking a picture.  I've also had two point-and-shoot cameras and one cell phone fail while trying to take pictures.

Posted:7/12/2011 1:15:58 PM
As far as the recorded history of the property there really isn't anything to report.  I live close to the area of the Spirit Lake Massacre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_Lake_Massacre), but as far as I can figure nothing actually ever happened here.  I find it weird that I saw the apparition of a non-native animal.  In the 20 years I've been living here there hasn't been anytime I've felt threatened.  The activity is weird, and sometimes very random, but never seems to be a danger.  What is also weird is that everyone seems to have a different set of experiences, but everyone who spends significant time here does have an expereince.  My experiences hae been almost entirely animal apparitions or poltergeist activity.  My mother and sister will visit and they see this brownie like creature that likes to hang around the kitchen or sit outside in the shade.  My dad comes over and he hears voices.  It definitely seems like people's experiences are based on their gender.  

Posted:7/12/2011 12:00:27 AM
I haven't posted anything about for too long, been busy working on my degree.  Doesn't mean the house hasn't been exciting, though!The most exciting experience was night before last (July 9, 2011).  I have had several instances of seeing strange animal apparitions in my house and garage in the past, but this night was different.  I was getting ready for bed and had just turned off my light (a lamp on the far side of my room from the door) when I heard a rustling sound.  I'm used to my cat getting locked in my room and then scratching on my door to let me know she wants out, and that is what I thought I was hearing.  I turn the light back on and just about had a heart attack.  Sitting in front of my door (two steps from where I sit now) was a panther.  It had no appearance of being an apparition, but looked just as real as anything else in the room.  I gave a warcry (sort of like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3PT5tXOb1g) and pulled my knife from under my pillow (a 13" Viking saex, probably wouldn't have been much use anyway, but I felt better having it in my hand).  At seeing this I can only describe the panther's reaction as being disappointed.  It turned its head away from me and started panting with it's tongue hanging out, then walked into my door and disappeared.  When I say walked into my door I mean that it almost looked like my door was some sort of portal, it had the right shape and color to be my door but seemed wrong.  I watched the panther walk away as though it were an image on a TV set, just growing smaller and more distant until it vanished from sight.Other strange incidents since my last update include seeing a full bodied apparition of a man (in the same doorway except this time it was open) and hearing someone open a soda/beer can and start walking around the house.  When I first saw the apparition in the doorway I thought it was my dad come to visit.  I was working on a paper for school and didn't even bother to turn my whole attention on it (only saw it in the corner of my eye) and told him I'd finish my paragraph and be out to talk to him in a second.  The apparition turned and walked away just like anyone would.  I got up a second or two later and soon figured out I was alone in my house.