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Posted:1/31/2009 6:56:27 PM
so thats why that kid killed those kids calling himself the Joker after watching that movie
Forum: abductees

Posted:1/31/2009 6:53:15 PM
I think I was abducted,I have this mark I woke up with,after having a dream of being stung then standing in a line for a injection,woke up with this red dot on my chest,blood like dot,the size of a large needle hole,this was six years ago,and I still have the hole,and now I have another mark as well,would mention to doc but dont want the love me jacket.whats up with that?

Posted:1/31/2009 6:48:45 PM
Well I do not know about paranormal,but it does attain to the HAARP machine,that no birds fly above it,no animals journey there,no bugs,and the movie is,,,,,The Golden Compass