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Posted:7/6/2011 5:50:04 PM
me saying they very occassionaly visit earth can be veiwed in many diffrent ways some people might interpret it as twice a year or once a week , but that i blieve is a correct term comparative to the size of the earth and its populationMen are responsible for so much and men having alien technology could tear this world apart

Posted:7/6/2011 5:45:31 PM
i expalined later in the article that im sure they do abduct humans..... and they are other treasures the earth has, other then humans ,im  sure they can harvest things from humans and not just physical things but things like the energys we produce. i used the word evil\good for the fact of a lack of better wording i understand that they are not being evil in their terms but in fact doing what they always have and that to them its just a way of life but to us it is a behavior that we label as evil. and i did not say that aliens werre keeping us safe , i said their are organizations out their hiding their existence or at least trying and im not saying they try to save every human life but they try to stop big things because of the fact that it wud draw attention.... i am trying to grasp everything i can about all of this before i do start my hard but worthy journey, that is why i posted my article on this sight so i could get other opinions, that is very important to mei belive that alien abductions are real considering on of my good friends was abducted, hence why i included it in my article i really appreciate your opinion

Posted:7/6/2011 12:10:05 PM
I agree with you for the most part , i love the part that said...life is a phenomena that is quite commen if you ask me., thats just brillance to me. i belive though that very occasasionaly aliens will secretly visit earth....this sounds very far fetched but actually very probablei also do like you line..cause what happens when you give a child everything .. i totally agree with that i believe thats is part of the reason why they are not more prominent ... to some species im sure we are advanced and to others we r just children

Posted:7/5/2011 11:39:43 PM
I wanna know everyones opinion on aliens.... i am inlcuding mine here,People constantly question the existence of aliens , they believe that we are the only life forms out there and i have to say that , that is quite ridiculous , i mean out of hundreds of thousands of galaxys, and solar systems,and  their must be the millions of planets that im sure are out there, the odds of just one of those planets supporting life is unrealistic.  our scientists are constantly looking for what they call "signs of life" i believe that thye are looking in all the wrong places i mean the signs that they look for are , breathable air, water, ecosystems, everything that keeps us alive, im sure it has occured to some scientists that their are going to be life forms out there that can exist in diffrent forms of enviroments and not just one like ours, the extraterrestial life forms will have their own way of surviving in a diffrent enviroment, and it it changes im sure they can evolve like most creatures... now the question is why do we always  show aliens as lil greeen men with big almond looking eyes that come from a round saucer like dish from the sky and they want to destroy earth and abduct us and experiment with us... i think that for one is ludicris .. oh im sure some of it is true that their are some species out there that want to harvest the earth of the unique things im sure we have here, that are hard to find on other planets... but i believe their is more to them then what we make them out to be as, i think there are the (as always) good and evil aliens... im also sure that some do probably abduct humans and test them we are foreign to them just as they are foreign to us, to them we are the aliens..... extraterrestial life may look weird to us but imagine what we look like to them ... brown, pink, black, yellow, mushy things with lots of hair. i believe Aliens exist and they are here on earth... that there are agencys and institutes ( not necessarily goverment run) hiding there existence making sure we are safe, but im determined to have an adventure and find out more... there is more to this world then what is perceived we just gotta find it