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Posted:1/11/2013 3:00:32 PM
When I was five years old I kept having a recurring dream about being taken from my bedroom at night (this part is hazy) and ending up in an area by my house that had new housing construction. Within the partial framework of the houses there were benches made from scraps of wood arranged in a circle. I was sitting with other children of different ages but mostly very young. During this time their was an "instructor", when telling my parents I referred to him has a monster, since he didn't look like anyone/thing I had ever seen. I can just remember him telling us stories (I wish I could remember them). After these secessions I would end up safely back in my room. According to my Mom, I had these "dreams" several times over a period of a year. I am now 50 years old and am still haunted by these dreams. Now I am not sure that they were dreams, but something that I cannot explain. I am reaching out to see if anyone had ever heard of anything like this. I have been seriously considering hypnosis to bring me back to those times to see if I can find out anymore information.