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Posted:1/26/2009 6:43:59 AM
wow a good shot'Even though camera phones are crappy keep them handy you never know what you may capture.

Posted:1/20/2009 9:06:22 PM
Please can we see a larger version of this photo?

Posted:1/4/2009 6:10:52 AM
This just proves that we are only skimming, the surface of the strange and wonderful world in wich we live in.

Posted:11/25/2008 7:04:26 AM
Just saw the pic, it's not a ufo but lense fare, who could think this photo is a ufo,prove me wrong.

Posted:11/7/2008 5:53:19 AM
Another interesting article regarding ufo's and the military,thank god they are comming forward with info once hushed up.....

Posted:11/7/2008 5:35:00 AM
It just goes to show ufo's have been observed in and aound mexico more often that any where else on earth. Mexico city is the most polluted city on earth. Is this telling us something?

Posted:10/22/2008 8:18:54 PM
The reason that 'they'are afraid of what we may do to ourselves is that in the past maybe they did a similar thing to there race,they may make physical contact with us as a way of touching something that they have lost eg; feelings,love.emotions, etc.don't most 'reports'on alien contact say that they are ´┐Żold'robotic. and emotionless?

Posted:10/21/2008 7:08:34 AM
So many people that were told to shut-up decades ago, and not talk about ufo's are begining to come forward. Finaly.

Posted:10/21/2008 7:02:33 AM
idiots like Blossom'goodchild give genuine ufo researchers the shits they put the whole ufo related work back 2 decades.

Posted:10/21/2008 6:56:57 AM
Maybe they are concerned about the way we 'create'dangerouse, weaponry, that could be why they are keeping an eye on what we do with this stuff at military bases.