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Posted:7/12/2012 12:47:22 AM
Very true jax. Here's my thoughts. I hate the word evolve, its to undefined. I prefer the word adapt. Yes years ago ppl were shorter... in certain parts of the country. In the early 1900 or late 1800 people in colder regions were shorter than ppl in warmer regions. And it is the same way today. In prehistoric times it was said that insects were multiple times as big as today. Theory suggests it was the amount of oxygen and nutrients... and mAybe a total wild and fveral aspect?
My point is, creaturekind has been adapting for years. Its not evolution, its survival of the fittest. Adaption to environment, learning new skills, becoming more effecient all made possible through the fact that maybe god? Created all living things to adapt? Trees don't evolve in the winter by dropping leaves to save nutrients, they adapt to the changes. Evolution/adaptation , you be the judge.

Posted:7/11/2012 11:51:45 PM
This is a very interestibg subject. Though I am completely lost, I'd love to figure it out. I do agree, though, that math and numbers are used to govern people and their outlook on reality.

Posted:7/11/2012 2:11:14 PM
Lol, sorry dude. Don't think I can put into lamens terms, let me think on it a while.

Posted:7/11/2012 11:01:16 AM
I got a little off track with this one... but it's better than it would have been. Maybe I can remember all of the latter topic at another time.

Posted:7/11/2012 10:41:57 AM
Has anybody ever sat and thought of just how powerful and unending the human brain is? I could leave this post at that and by noon, I could assume, there may be a small flood of various opinions. But the idea is behind this is to get everybody to think, because I wish the world could experience things as I do. This is so big, I am going to have to keep this simple. I may be getting ahead of myself here, other theories (my own) assist this one greatly.
Ok, now, think of a time and place from when you were a kid, for me this example is some 25 years ago as a toddler. Amazing isn't it? you can recollect soooo many things from so long ago or just recent. Stored images, like a photograph. These images, or memories, can be spot on, or clouded with influence by... your own mind! Depending on how often you relfect on the certain memory, the state of mind when it happened ( such as a calm camp fire memory would be more exact than witnessing a fearful fast paced situation), and how long ago or your age when the event happened.
I am kind of going on personal experience for some examples, such as I have had shared dreams with my younger brother. I have a whole theory on this sort of thing as well which eplains sending and recieving energy. Another example, some people can see auras of other people and sometimes even themselves. I don't make it a habit of telling people, but this circumstance seems deaming, I have done this a few times. But to me it's not seeing an aura, it's feeling a certain color when around or thinking about that person. And oftentimes that persons favorite color is *relative *to *their *aura->X (disregaurd black and white as auras, as this particular circumstance is a far deeper and way more important a topic than thus at hand) X<- *relative *to *their *aura, and the aura sometimes has certain personality traits associated with it.
Sending and recieving energy everyone. These are but a blight few instances I have mentioned. So, I'm not trying to bring god into anything, I refuse, but I will use the example that he gave man kind free will (as the books say. Yes, I am a baptist. This does not influence my rationality. If you do not belileve me I'd love to tell you my theory on afterlife...) sorry, back to the topic. Try thinking really hard about something, in the very back of your skull. Can anybody feel your brain when your thinking? Where its all coming from? When you get it right, the first few times you will realise you have forgotten about even your eyes! You will still be able to see but not pay a single note of attention to what your looking at, totally unfocused. This will break your concentration when you notice, and you will probably have to start over, but it's a start. Once you get that it is all easy from here. Just try to think with small areas of the brain now. Certain activities make this much easier. Math, drawing, reading, MEMORIES, stacking and counting, lots of things. Sometimes I just sit and cruise through my brain, thinking of different things and talking to myself in my head basically, crazy aye? It's just as you or I speak aloud in our minds as we type our new off the wall threads! ;) ;)
Ok, so I have mentioned will. Now, next time you are with a person you are totally comfortable around and really know (you may have to have "chemistry" with this person? Or it may help? I donno. Yes, "chemistry", that sh!t is real.) find a circumstance where you would like something from them. Now, this is not hypnotism, if you offend them by what your asking or they catch on to what you are doing, they may, and most likely will, get pissed. But when you say something, think really hard about it (remember the spot in the back of the skull?) Use that area, you have to set your speach apart from your thinking, so you can say it without thinking about it (starting to sound like Dr. Suess) and use all your mental direction in thinking it AT them.
Here is where I am now, trying to explain how to think "at" something, and deciding if I want to give that to the rest of the world. People, try this, I may sound like a loon here (it may be true?) and it may not work for anybody. I have exercised this for years and years and have only just begun to get it right. Meaning only a handful of instances since my later teenage years. And yes, I do have a WILD imagination... just another power of the human mind.

Posted:7/11/2012 1:54:14 AM
Some good points have already been made. Let me say that mathematics are numeral. Though the numbers are not solid matter, it is what they represent. The rules cannot, to my knowledge, be broken in terms of numbers. They are solid state terms that are paired with objects or things to be multiplied. 1 apple is 1 apple. You cannot make 3 apples if you are adding 1 and 1 no matter how you try. So in turn yes mathematics are a simple yet firm truth.
Words on the other hand words and letters can be bent slightly, and vary greatly between culture. F can be made with ph in america, and in other countries those letters may not even exist. 1 apple is 1 apple in america, japan, or russia all the same. Though these should not be compared as they are of totally different aspects of reality and life. Sometimes the truth may be unbelievable, but fact is fact, and there is always a right and a wrong answer to an equation.
Thank you jeff, I never thought it would start such a fire lol. It was the first thing I came up with, and it was probably heavily influenced by me reading the moon anomalies. Well at the end of the day, let's all be a friends and have a beer! Your reality may differ from mine, I may be the space creature who defies the laws of time and space. The truth is there, even if noone knows what it is.

Posted:7/10/2012 12:08:22 PM
First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has had part in making this website what it is. From the web designers (proper terminology?) to people who have submitted personal accounts, relative information, or replies and comments to accounts and such. This is a great website, interesting and easy to navigate.
Also, I have a few various accounts that are unexplained that I will eventually thread onto the web. I am a theorist, a critic, a total believer. I like to think on a deeper level on things such as human psyche and relativity to all things. I believe all is possible and at the same time some things are only possible with belief. Oh, the only thing I don't believe and think is total bullshit is our government... all government. War is real, politics are a... well we say it all the time, a race.
Buuut anyhoo, anytime somebody might want an opinion from a ;)gramatticcaly corect ;) rule breaker, I'm always up for a good chat. I don't mind sharing a bit of info that titillates my own reality as well.

Remember There is always truth