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Posted:10/22/2008 7:08:15 AM
My guess is the soundtrack changes depending on way direction its traveling lol

Posted:10/15/2008 4:46:46 AM
Well, the 14th of October has come and gone. It should now be rather apparent the no GFL ship revealed itself, also there was absolutely no evidence of any "project blue beam".And well researched individual can tell you UFO's do exist (but if they are ET craft or not is yet to be seen). Anyone with average or above intelligence will tell you the universe is vast to the point that the probability of Earth being unique is so small it might as well be "Impossible" (that is, life among the stars is all but guaranteed). However, I personally believe the Galactic Federation of Light is a complete joke. the name itself is a good place to start. The chance of intelligent ET's organizing themselves in any way that comes even close enough to our ridiculous government system to be called a "federation" is very slight to say the least. Also, when talking about beings with the scientific knowledge to traverse the galaxy, you cant expect them to follow such base superstitions as light = good / dark = bad. That's the stuff of crappy Hollywood movies.Moving beyond the name, the manner we were alerted is suspicious too. Blossom Goodchild is a psychic/medium who lives not far from me. She is a author of a couple of books written from and about her channeling, her books simply don't sell.... until recently. ok, i ran out of time right now, ill be back to add to this later.....
Forum: Hello all!

Posted:10/13/2008 1:42:41 AM
Hello users!I'm an old member from wayyyyyyy back, some may remember me (Qlddude) most will not. I haven't been here for a few years because of work/family/life commitments. I've also been doing a bit of research into ghosts/spirits (my mother is a medium) and UFO activity. Over time ill share my experiences with any of you who are interested.;)
Forum: John Titor

Posted:10/13/2008 1:23:28 AM
I found quite a few myself..... But i agree, its was a great read.