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Posted:8/5/2010 12:41:09 PM
I agree its wrong for people to use their religion to violently promote their agenda.  I don't mean to say that a person should believe in Jesus because its a safe bet, but I guess it kind of turns out that way from outsider perspective.  It is a safe bet, but its not the reason to do it.  If you do it for that reason only, then you're missing the whole point, and you wouldn't be true to your beliefs, therefore you don't really believe.  Its a great leap of faith to believe in a creator.  You'd ask, "Why didn't God create everything right the first time, then there would be no need to save anyone?"  Its a good question, and one which will lead you on a path of endless questions.  There's a point in time when you'll have to make a dicision of which path you'll take, and live your life accordingly.  That doesn't mean you can't change your mind down the road, at least up to the point when worms will be eating at your brains.  That reminds me, its lunch time.  Its the whole point of the Judeo-Christian belief system, we must make a choice of what path to follow.  If you're not a Christian, then why even worry about it, other than there are all these people out here trying to fight over their beliefs, or at least using them as an excuse.  Usually the fights are really over land, or money.  Religion is just the excuse to rally the masses.  The Evil Empire is doing this, or the Great Satan is doing that, oh, and we can get them to rebuild our countries, and pay loads of money to keep us calm.  It seems the Great Satan has loads of money to throw around.  We're a sacred cash cow to the world, yet we have one of the worse health systems in the industrialized world.

Posted:8/4/2010 5:00:42 PM
Christians, and honestly, all other religions argue over interpretation of their belief systems.  It always will be that way until the very end.  There's nothing wrong with debating your beliefs, its how we air things out.  I understand what you're saying about the mentality of so many Christians.  The Uber Right have set themselves of as the poster children of Christianity.  If you don't see things their way, then you're going to Hell.  The fact is, many of the preachers asking donations to feed, clothe, and provide health services for the poor, while building themselves million dollar mansions, and giving themselves, their families, and cohorts monster salaries will have a surprise when their lives are over.  How many will stand up, and face the final judgement without Christ standing up for them?  I'm sure there's some good ones out there, but many scam the public, hide behind their tax exempt status, while living the high life on the broken backs of others.  I assume that's the type you're referring to, they're the most judgemental.  One thing the Bible tells you to do is not judge others.  Judge not unless you are judged.  Its human nature to judge, but the Bible tells us to fight the urge.  I'm not talking about our judicial system, because that's the government's function.  We need law, and order.  I've known many churches who do more judging, than they do looking after their own salvation.  Imagine how Jesus would be received in these churches.  The council you're talking about I believe is the Council of Nicea.  I watched a show a while back about hidden secrets.  Can you imagine how many hidden secrets the Catholic Church is hiding?  I don't really think they know anymore.  I agree that some of the original text of the Bible is missing.  There's a lot to be discovered that is hidden, and someday it will all come out.  I guess the only thing we can do, if you believe, is worship in your own way, pray for guidance, and have faith.  Anything more is beyond us.  If we put our faith in God I believe it will all be okay in the end.  The point is, as of right now, we are separated from God, and that's why, according to the Bible, Jesus was sent, to die for our transgressions.  He voluntarily sacrificed Himself for us.  Whether you believe that, or not is what determines your ultimate destiny.  I prefer Heavenly Cruise Lines, as opposed to Hell Adventure Tours.  If I believe, and I'm wrong then what's the harm, but if you don't believe, and you're wrong, then you'll find out what the harm really is.  I don't understand it all, and there's a whole lot of faith thrown in there, but I've seen enough to know there's something past this old life, and I'm not that much of a gambler to take that risk.

Posted:8/1/2010 2:05:52 AM
That's something I can't believe, that there is no God, and we have no purpose, just accidents, or parasites on the face of this earth.  Take a huge imaginative step back, and look at how things work.  There's order in this chaos, and chaos is an illusion, because we can't see the bigger picture of how things work together.  Moons circle planets, planets circle stars, stars circle around in a galaxy.  I'm sure groups of galaxies circle each other in some sort of ordered cluster.  Rogue bodies that seem to defy order, if we step back even further, I'm sure you could see order even in them, and so on, and so on.  We may even find out universes circling something else that we have no name for, yet, possibly God.  Now go the other direction towards a smaller scale.  Look in nature how everything works together sustaining each other.  There's something out there.  Call it what you like, its just a name.  We may never understand it, but its there keeping order out of chaos...

Posted:8/1/2010 1:56:35 AM
I have to agree that God is an alien, in fact the ultimate alien.  He wasn't born of this planet, therefore he's alien to this world, but hey, that's okay.

Posted:7/31/2010 11:46:42 AM
Not that I'm the most religious person in the world, but I don't think the point is we go to hell on a technicality.  According to the bible we are born into original sin.  The original sin isn't the Adam & Even sin by having a snack on munchies saved for God.  After all, it was hanging out on the munchie tree, and temptation crept in by way of a naughty little serpent.  The original sin was committed by God's high priest, Lucifer in Heaven.  Anywho, we were born into original sin falling into that temptation trap, and therefore damned.  Damnation is by our actions of giving in to temptation, but salvation is not gained by any deed save accepting the Son of God died for our transgressions.  Salvation, according to the bible, is a gift free given from God only by asking.  We should repent of our sins, and accept Christ, and try to walk a straight, and narrow path towards righteousness (not that we can achieve our own rightnessnous, because we all fall short, but we take on God's Righteousness), and by God's Grace, and Mercy we are forgiven.  The bible is a stickler on that fact, salvation is only from God, we can do nothing but submit to His will.  According to Christianity there is free will.  We chose God, or a worldly life.  It doesn't say we'll be perfect, but it says we all fall short of righteousness.  No fear mongering here, your free will gives you the choice to do whatever you want.  You don't have to be perfect, just strive for perfection.  When you fall short, and you will, I'm included, that's when the Grace, and Mercy of God kicks in.  Why you ask, no idea.  You can accept it, or not, because the bible also says to look to your own salvation.  You can spread the good news of the kingdom around until you're blue in the face, and bring salvation to the multitude, but if you're left out, then what good does it do you.  Make sure you're right with God, then look to others, or just hang out, and enjoy the wonders of the world, again, your choice.  Somewhere in here, I'm certain, there was a minor, humble correction in Christian beliefs.  Whatever you believe, hope it works out for you...