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Posted:12/18/2012 5:17:55 PM
Hey,been kicking about this site for a good while now but never had anything worthwhile to post about.
But since I've moved house I've been experiencing something weird, so now I'm signed up an hope somebody has some info on this.

Just outside my house is a long straight road, a good 10 min walk.
Streetlights on both sides of the road which you can make out pretty much to the end of the road.
Over the last 2 months, not every time, but 9 times out of 10 there is a certain lamppost that goes off whenever I'm directly underneath it.
My partner thought it might just be something wrong with the light that happens at that certain time every night,as I walk past at roughly the same time every night.
So I put that theory to the test and walked the dog along at several different times,and the light went off almost every time.
Also,because I can see right along to the end of the road..I know it hasn't went off as I'm walking along.just as I'm passing under it.

I shrugged it off after a while but the light closer to my house has started to do the same, only when I walk past it.
Really can't think of an explanation for this...not sure if this can even be classed as paranormal.
Hopefully someone can help with any experience of this.

Thanks for reading this boring wall of text either way!