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Posted:3/16/2011 5:42:07 PM
all this 'Paranormal' stuff been happening to me for 5 years straight already.especailly Sleep Paralyisis one month straight i had Sleep Paralyisis happen to me every night i have no idea why it all may come to me? one night around october 2009 i went to my aunts funeral and came home that night i went to my room but i had this strange feeling i tried to lay down and relaz but i had so much pressure like i just had to run out maybe cause of how drawn i was after seeing my aunts dead body but i just went to sleep in my moms bedroom but on the floor she was the only one awake anyways and we were watching movies and after we just went to bed .. then i rememeber just looking around in the dark not tired at all and suddenly i just felled asleep in my dream i saw me and my cousin (who i was with at the funeral) and im with her in this huge house and i looked out the window and saw a cemetery and i turned around and my cousin was walking into this bright room and she said 'Rumor says it that our aunt appears and dissapears in this house every night' so i was kinda scared cause the it was night and i turned around to wlak toward the door and turning i saw my aunt just staring at me her face was all close to mines and i just remember waking up but i couldnt move i was freezing cold couldnt breathe,move,look,talk (sleep paralysis) then i felt a hand rubbing my arm and i couldnt do anything then i finally start moving everywhere and jump up and scream really loud and my mom gets up and i tell her everything and the next day she took me to my aunts sister house and i remember her telling me 'That house you were in well you expalined it exactly like it was HER house she lives in a big house and across from a cemetry which! she was born in.but why would she go visit you??'' i dont even know the answer to her question cause me and that aunt werent really that close but her visiting me has a reason unknownTheres also one time in 2009 when my sister moved in i had to share my room with her and my other little sister so we slept on bunkbeds me on the top and my little and big sister sat on the bottom and i was the only one awake one night and i had a blue light on and my record player was playing and i was just laying down thinking and wasnt tired either and something just puts me to sleep and i opened my eyes 5 minutes later and im just like wait did i fall asleep? im  not even tired at all? but whatever okay then and then while im just laying down thinking once again something like a force or something just pushes me down and they like push me up to sit down and im sitting down i cant mvoe myself i cant breathe nor move and im just sitting there wondering whats going on??? and it just pushes my body to the side and im there hanging of the top of the bunkbed .jus there like if it just kept trying to push me of the bed so while i was hanging off i see someone opening the door real slowly and i see a black figure just staring at me while i kept trying! to see who it was my record player just shot off and im there looking at who is at the door but i cant see the face just the figure of a person like a man and then they just slam the door close and im free again like they just let me go and i sit back down and start crying histariclly because it wass the worst feeling ever!! it felt terrible so i didnt go back to bed at all i was just sitting there watching tv or just walking around my house one time i had gotten back from the mall and it was pretty late and i was thee only one awake so i jusrt layed down trying to go to sleep and i couldnt so once again.They put me to sleep and this time it was terrible ...it got me.. it standed me up  and i couldnt do anything once again i was just standing in the middle of the room .couldnt do anything! i was just looking at myself in a mirror that i have in the middle of my room it was a pretty big mirror covered most of my wall anyways i wa sjust staring at myself and i saw blood writing like words i couldnt understand but it was all blood.written in blood. this all been going on forawhile i been having things slammed across the room.people twisting my door knob and no one home, sleep parlysis,the devil talng to me himself  .. idont know what it is.yet but its stil here. it never leaves

Posted:3/16/2011 5:15:15 PM
try to find out exactly what it all means.