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Posted:4/27/2011 4:44:10 PM
So that's what happened to the Geico Geckko !

Posted:9/30/2010 1:54:01 PM
 Actually, all the moon rocks have gone missing or are proven Earthly themselves.  All of them.  There's a story that Werner von Braun (head of rocketry/NASA) had gone to Antarctica to collect strange and not widely seen rocks.  BBC recently reported the one given to England is actually from Earth.The "lander" is tin can thin, easily verified at the Air Space Museum in DC, ineffective shield astronauts from xrays.Deeper looks into the subject reveal the opposite of what's commonly claimed in sweeping dismissals...and that is that the moon landing we've seen, and everything about it, was 100% concocted, faked, a total and thorough put-on.  The link I gave summarizes much of the info and gives great starting points for further research.

Posted:9/25/2010 11:31:13 PM
 my god i thought everyone knew it was faked.  here's tons of evidence, collected, well written: http://davesweb.cnchost.com

Posted:9/25/2010 11:28:49 PM
 look up Stewart Swerdlow on youtube

Posted:4/19/2010 12:29:30 PM
 You don't need "looking glass" tech when you _make_ the future happen.