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Posted:12/2/2010 4:24:43 PM
http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_denver02.htm   Here you are tapout, check it out.

Posted:12/1/2010 12:03:05 PM
Has it occured to anyone that the very controversial symbolism noted at this airport regaurding the end days and mass genocide, may be coming to pass, with the traveling population  being  bombarded by so called x-ray machines at this place, in the name of Homeland Security. Could this be the catalyst for the entire traveling population to be dosed with an invisible plague of some sort?

Posted:5/19/2010 3:24:46 PM
The opposite of what we think is time, exists out side of consciousness.   It is non-time, or not time, inactive, dead, frozen, unchanging.  A demension where everything that will happen, has happened and connot be undone. The consciuosness that we possess is on the other side of that demension, constantly riding the event horizon between the two. It is this process that affords  the illusion of time. Everything exists everywhere at the same time, but consciousness allows us to be the observers of the one and only, constant now, that is limited in one, but eternal through the multitude. 

Posted:4/30/2010 7:24:09 PM
I wish I could remember the exact moment I came into consciousness as a child. I think my earliest memory was at 3 yrs, but I am not sure.  Where was my mind untill then. Was it like waking up, or what. I don't remember.  What process flips the switch to turn us on? And at the end of some lives, the switch is turned off and we are as newborns again for the last few years. unaware of time.

Posted:4/28/2010 9:24:37 PM
Jeff.   Is not God the Egregore that we all unknowingly create?

Posted:4/25/2010 2:22:04 PM
The ultimate consequence of greed is war.  War is the act of taking and controling by force. Control is the directive of the so called "New World Order".   The establishment of a  "One World Government"  will imbed hatred in all men, toward all men, creating the opposite of its intent.  When there is no percieved enemy in the form of a nation, country, region, state, county, city, community, we will turn on each other individually, on a global scale.  This is World War III. The total collapse of society.

Posted:4/24/2010 10:12:29 PM
BadgerWe live in a society today that puts our thought process into a box, and if what we are exposed to does not fit into a box, we tend to discard it.  I was not refering to Negroes or Africa.  I am refering to the first civilization on this planet, and that the physical attributes of these people, were dictated by the earth's environment.  We are the present-tense of everything that has existed before us, be it thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, or billions of years.  Planetary exploration is nothing new, as evidence of structures and artifacts on the moon and mars indicate, that man, some time in the distant past, has visited these places.      I do not know that these things are true, but believing in the possibility gives me peace of mind, a deeper spirituality, and a better understanding of my fellow man, and a strengthened desire to stay outside of the box.

Posted:4/24/2010 1:15:14 AM
Sent on a journey of discovery and intellectual exchange, 4,000 volunteers, consisting of doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, teachers, farmers, men, women and children, were the first, to visit another planet. The technology at that time was more advanced than what we may have in the distant future. The volunteers had to build structures to maintain and support an artificial environment. This new planet had no sun of its own.5000 generations later, the sons of man returned to Earth, but did not know it was thier home. The people of earth received them, but did not know they were from earth.   Generation upon generation of life in an artificial environment had changed the son of man.At that time, every man and woman under the sun, had black skin. But the skin of the returned prodigal son, was white. The prodigal son was first loved, and then feared, but by no fault of his own.  Here we are today, nipping at our own tail.The Ancient race is the black race. The White race are thier lost children.

Posted:4/20/2010 8:23:21 PM
Why am I not telling you that there is something wrong with the way you think? Why am I not telling you to live your life  through my reality? Why am I not saying that my beliefs are right, and yours are wrong? I am not judging you. I am able to express my opinion without judging you. Our opinions come from the environment we find ourselves in. What we like. Who we love. Our wealth, health, job, pain, siblings, parents, talent, heredity and on and on. All these things make each of us wonderfully unique. All these things give our opinions value. Our opinions reflect what has been _WRITTEN_ in our hearts by the Will of God. It reflects the portion of our journey we have_ FINISHED,_ by the Will of God. Our opinion justifies itself as being right, true and _PERFECT,_ each and every one of them, by the Will of God.  We all react in a pre-determined way to stimuli, in accord with what we believe. You have a calling that, in all of exixtence, only you can answer to. As do each of us.   It is written.   It is finished.   It is perfect.

Posted:4/18/2010 11:15:45 PM
Let a fatalist be a fatalist. Let a deliverer deliver. Let the ignorant ignore what they will. Humanity will still fulfiull its purpose despite what anyone believes. All that we do fulfills the will of God. Those that believe it is of thier own choosing and will power,  are no different than those that dont believe it. Each are awsome in thier own regard. Each are justified in thier own perspective.    Each one of us are written at the instant of conception. The path  our lives will follow is finished at the instant of conception. We face our existence with the perfection written into us from the beginning.  It is written.  It is finished.  It is perfect.