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Posted:3/7/2010 1:02:30 PM
Summer of 2008 my friend and I were driving in a suburb when he yells to pull over.  He started screaming wtf is that and we both got out of the car.  Just hovering no more than 60 feet in the air above a house was a ship like thing.  It was sort if shaped like a fighter jet but sleeker and thinner, and much smaller.  It then dropped an orb like thing that slowly floated downward and then the ship flew away.  As it flew away it made an extremely loud and high pitch noise, and me and my friend drove away as fast as possible.  Then we decided to go to a field to see if we could see this thing again and we instead saw 8-10 helicopters and planes at a time doing perimiters throughout the sky.  However this was never in the news and nobody else seemed to know about it.