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Posted:9/9/2010 12:46:18 PM
 Hi, sometime back I was asleep when I felt someone sit on the right corner at the foot of my bed. So I put my foot there only to discover there was nothing there. Then I felt it again...a very heavy person sitting down on the other corner of the bed. So I put my foot there. Next thing I knew it felt as if there was a cat on top of my bed covers and with a swift motion I threw off the "intruder" and i heard it hit the ceiling. and then the floor. I switched on the light and there was no one or nothing there. So from that point on I slept with a lamp on and didn't bug me anymore. I no longer sleep there in that room. No imagination here as others who have occupied the room have complained to me asking who the man on the bed is.Hoss

Posted:9/9/2010 12:31:01 PM
To Claire,Hi! I am glad that you were able to recall your being born experience. I do not remember mine. I do however remember lookingout through the bars of my crib and seeing my aunt and uncle staring at me. I must have been just under two years old. Some people look at me kind of like an iguana lizard when I relate my memory to them.  But I know it was real just as there have been other things that happened to me I still clearly see when I go back.Hoss