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Posted:6/13/2012 2:33:58 PM

1.One day my friend and I were walking into the woods, we took the trail up towards our base camp. After we sat and talked for a while we started for my house. We took the same trail but this time it was different, as we were walking we heared a growl and a rustling, so we stared to run. Then I saw the thing try to charge at my friend, I only caught a quick glange at it and it was brown, with a long nose, a stubby tail,and it was super fat, there is no doubt in my mind that we just saw a Reaver. Rat Beaver

2.A friend of mine claimed they saw it.
3.My friend and I were on the swings at whispering ridge park omaha Ne. As we sat there and talked I saw something brown crossing the trail that connected the trail of the pond. I suddenly stopped talking when I saw something slinking across the trail I could hardly make out the facial features, it had a long nose, it was brown,it was quite fatty, with chubby cheeks, slit like eyes, small legs, perky ears, and a stubby tail. It was moving very fast too. After it had wakled pastmy friend asked wat was wrong I replied I just saw a reaver.

4. One day my friend walked into the forest with the kids she was sitting. Then she saw the Reaver. This is her disription it was brown, and creepy that was all she made out

5.It was about 7.42 pm on a warm sunday night and me and my friend were walking into the woods by our old school. We walked into the woods slowy because were afraid something was watching us. So we slunk slowly into the woods, and we ran to the clearing, when we got to the clearing we stopped, looked around and started talking about summer time. As we talked I noticed out of the corner of my eye something moving very fast that must have been very heavy for it was snapping twigs. Then I noticed something brown running across the trail near the clearing. I stopped tslking, and froze while staring at the fat brown blob like thing running on all fours going north. When my friend asked whst was going on all I could do was point at the blob. We both stared at it and let out a giant scream. The thing kept running with its stubby tail, and fat body. It was so crazy how the thing was so fat but it was taking off at full force as if it diddnt want us to notice it watching us. Then my friend and I took off running until we were out of the woods. And that was our latest sighting of the reaver. This was an on the phone story so this is my friends and her story not mine I have never seen one of these but I sadly hope to